Business PowerPlan Design Session

The First Step!! This single session is designed for the creation of a customized 90 Day Action Plan for your business, and beginning your work with the Business Results Manager.

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Business Coaching Program

Includes monthly creation of a customized 90 Day Action Plan for your business, and ongoing work with  the Business Results Manager. We focus on the success of each area your business through weekly Coaching Calls and monthly PowerPlan Design Sessions.

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Fast Track to Successful Business   

Are you ready to have your idea become a successful business?
Fast Track to Success  is a twelve week intensive training program designed to introduce you to the elements required for the design and development of your own successful business.

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Sustaining Success Program

The Sustaining Success plan is designed for those clients who do not require the intensive coaching provided by our standard coaching packages.  The Sustaining Success Plan provides you with monthly PowerPlan Design Sessions and Business Results Manager Updates, as well as a coach on call for any unexpected problems/opportunites!

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Organizational Coaching Program

The Organizational Coaching Program provides business success coaching for the organization, including the organizational Action Plans, Business Results Manager,  and ongoing support in reaching the organizational goals.   Also included is personal success coaching for up to three individuals within the organization, which includes their personal  Action Plans, Balanced Living Timelines, and weekly coaching calls to ensure their success.

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