The Masters Circle 

Taking YOU to the Next Level of Success!!


The Best of the Best in Empowered Enterprises' network of people committed to reaching their goals, and realizing their dreams!   The Masters Circle offers an extraordinary opportunity for you to have an Advisory Committee for your business.  The Masters Circle is a group of five individuals committed to causing the success of each and every member of the group.  This group meets monthly via tele-workshops to design and develop your plan and access the expertise  and resources of both members and guest experts. The group also has weekly calls to ensure your ongoing success in implementing your plan.

Monthly Masters Circle Business Tele-Workshops
Each month, one member of your Masters Circle will have the spotlight for half an hour;  Thus on a quarterly basis, the group becomes your Expert Advisory Committee and will focus on your business plan, marketing and sales initiatives, organizational structure and functionality. 

Weekly Masters Circle PowerCalls
Powerfully create momentum in reaching the next level of success for your business!  This hour-long call is the opportunity for you to get coaching around your specific issues and concerns.   Each week you'll have the opportunity to discuss what is working, not working, and could be added to have you reach your goals.   

Masters Circle Monthly Membership: $39/month  


Masters Circle Annual Membership: $250 per year



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