Organizational Mission and Vision 

Empowered Enterprises International, llc is a global enterprise providing educational programs for personal empowerment and organizational success.  Our Coaching and Seminar programs have people free to be fully self-expressed, contributing their unique gifts for the benefit of the global community. We are committed to people living life to the fullest, fulfilling their dreams, and creating a world of Peace, Well-being, and Joy for generations to come.

We envision a world where people are intimately related as a global community, with freedom and creativity rampant. Global cooperation provides access to unlimited benefits for humanity, and abundance is real in the lives of individuals and communities.  People thrive, grow, and develop by expressing themselves through service to the global community. We celebrate living in a world where it is ALL possible.

 We delight in bringing our core values to serve the fulfillment of our vision:


The honor and privilege of participating in the fulfillment of people’s dreams, creating success and prosperity on a global basis.

The expression of joy in doing what we love to do, and being who we are meant to be.  

The power of choosing who we are, moment by moment, which creates what we do as a natural self expression.

Honoring our word, and who we are in the world. Ultimately, integrity provides access to contribution, and allows for freedom and self-expression.

 Being Intentional: 
Direct action with a purpose, and fulfilling on that purpose.

  Focused Consciousness: 
Awake to being an integral part of the world, and causing intended results.


What Really Matters

The most important thing is to define your goals

"The World at Peace; People Empowered to Fulfill Dreams!"

 Empowered Enterprises was founded in 1993 under the name of Executive & Management Recruiters to meet a need in the Human Resources management field: industry professionals would identify qualified candidates to present to the hiring companies within that industry.  The company was started by R.  Means Davis, V, a fourth generation insurance professional.  Naturally the insurance industry was the first to benefit from Empowered Enterprises methodology. Over the years, as the company's services have grown, the name of the company has changed to reflect that expansion.  In 1998 it became Global Personnel Resources, and subsequently added Creative Corporate Partners  and Creative Career Partners divisions, and finally in 2002 became Empowered Enterprises International to encompass all of the services and resources provided.

 Beginning in 1993 Empowered Enterprises provided permanent placement services to our clients within the insurance industry. With a focus on matching the corporate vision of our clients to the career goals of our candidates, we have proven effective in contributing to the success of our clients in a wide variety of ways.  We provide individual and organizational coaching to professionals to bring their vision and creativity to the company, which allows the company to achieve unprecedented results. Empowered Enterprises has grown with our clients, and strives to meet their needs not only by providing professional guidance, training & development, but in creating their corporate vision in reality through human resource management.

 With a strong reputation for integrity and effectiveness based in successful service to the insurance industry, in 1998 the company expanded to offer its services to the telecommunications, financial services, and information technology industries.  By creating a team of industry experts, rigorously trained in Empowered Enterprises methodology, resources, and commitment, today Empowered Enterprises is able to provide its services to a wide variety of industries.

 In 1998 the company also opened its Individual Career Coaching and Organizational Development divisions.  Empowered Enterprises develops dynamic organizational and managerial structures, providing our corporate clients the opportunity to create, implement, and realize the organizational vision.  

Paralleling our services to organizations, Empowered Enterprises develops dynamic Career Plans that provide our individual clients the opportunity to create, implement, and realize their personal vision.  Our experts work with the individual to identify their dreams, commitments, and marketable skills, background, and qualifications; we work together to identify potential career paths, and design a Plan of Action which is a powerful structure for growth, success and fulfillment.

 Today Empowered Enterprises is a global enterprise dedicated to providing career and organizational strategic planning, as well as custom designed training and developmental programs.  We are committed to transforming the global workplace, creating opportunities and structures for people to be empowered and successful, self-expressed through their careers, and ultimately ensuring the continued growth and delight of our clients and our enterprise.

Our vision is simple:   
people living the life of their dreams, 

producing unprecedented results.

 About our Founder, R. Means Davis. V

"Each of us has a unique contribution to bring to this world.  Prosperity becomes reality as each  of us expresses our gifts, our passions, in service of the greater good.  Humanity thrives as the world recognizes the abundance of resources available through partnership and collaboration."