Power Partners 
Board of Directors 

Taking YOU to the Next Level of Success!!

 The Best of the Best in Empowered Enterprises' network of people committed to reaching their goals, and realizing their dreams!   The Power Partners Board offers an extraordinary opportunity for you to have the equivalent of partners in your business, a Board of Directors bringing the expertise you need for your business to reach its goals, and fulfill on its vision.  The Power Partners Board is a group of nine individuals committed to causing the success of each and every member of the group.   

Power Partners Board Features: 

  • Facilitator plus 9 members of a circle of equals; 
  • Facilitator is available on a Coach on Call basis during the month to anyone, and on scheduled weekly calls for the monthly focus member. 
  • Monthly  planning meeting -  monthly rotating focus on the success of each member, quarterly group alignment and goals meetings.  based on the Boards logistics, this can be an online, conference call, or in person meeting. 

 Member Qualifications:   

  • *Community benefit:  Social Entrepreneur or business with a socially responsible mission. 
  • *Minimum $150k annual individual income, or $500k business revenue.
  • *$12k annual membership dues. 
  • *Commitment to participation: to participate on/at least 10 of the twelve meetings during the annual agreement




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