Empowered Enterprises offers a broad range of Training and Developmental Seminars to both individuals and organizations.  Our highly trained seminar leaders provide a structured environment in which individuals are introduced to cutting edge concepts, and trained to effectively implement both organizational and personal strategic plans of actions.  Through a variety of technologies, including our Global Access Programs (available via web) Empowered Enterprises’ seminars provide an effective and valuable tool in reaching your goals, and fulfilling your dreams.


Generating Revenue!  
This eight session webinar series is designed to provide you with the tools and information to be able to manage that critical piece of business success: Generating Revenue!     




Effective Time Management 
A  two and half hour webinar  introducing systems and techniques for  effectively managing your time.  Design your perfect week, Managing your calendar, Managing for Opportunities, and Planning Your Work are all covered in creating balance for all areas of importance to you.     



PowerPlan Career Design Workshop
Set your Goals, and design a custom Action Plan to produce the results required to move your career to the next level of success! Move forward in your current occupation, or create a new direction for your career, or add a new stream of income. 

Powerful Careers: Designing & Living Fulfillment

What would have you jump out of bed every morning ecstatic because you have the privilege of doing it?   Powerful Careers: Designing & Living Fulfillment  is a 2-day intensive seminar workshop providing you with the opportunity and tools to create a future that calls you into action.

The Power Series 
(Includes the PowerPlan, Power-Branding, & Powerful Careers workshops) 

The Success Series  
(Includes the Successful Communication, Successful Teams, & Successful Leadership workshops)

The Power of Awareness
A powerhouse workshop on awakening the magnificence within.  We are all human beings on a spiritual journey, and at the same time spiritual beings on a human journey.  Discover it all!

Developing Your Wealth Skills

Managing what you have, to create what you want - now and in the future!

Dare to Live Your Dreams: Well-being Program 

A powerful series of programs designed to look at each area of life, living your dreams and experiencing well-being in all!! 

Fast Track to Successful Business
Start your business, or take it to the next level of  effectiveness!


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