Fast Track to Successful Coaching  

Are you ready to support others in reaching their dreams?

Fast Track to Successful Coaching is a twelve week intensive training program designed to introduce you to the elements required for the design and development of your own professional coaching business.

In this program, we'll cover what it takes to be a successful coach:

  • Being Legal: How to set up your business
  • What Data will you need to Manage?
  • Being Profitable: How much to charge
  • Being Responsible: Contractual Agreements
  • Being Professional
  • Creating!!! The Vision & Mission
  • Creating an Action Plan
  • Setting Goals within the Vision
  • The Love-to-Do exercise
  • Managing Results & Actions
  • Calendar
  • Balanced Living Timeline & Results Manager: Multiple Action Plans 
  • Coaching Calls training
  • Phone Practices
  • Conversation Records
  • Leading Conference calls

And that's only the first five weeks!

Register today, and get started truly making a difference in the lives of others!