Session One

Relationship to Money & Wealth

Definitions of Money & Wealth

Your Personal Financial Wellness


Session Two

The Secret to becoming & Remaining Wealthy

Skills in Knowing Yourself


Session Three

Making Powerful Adjustments

Your Spending Habits- succeed no matter what they are

Shopping Styles


Session Four

Translating Dreams into Financial Goals

Your Future Net Worth Statement



Session Five 

How to successfully move from your Current Net Worth to your Desired Net Worth


Session Six 

Optimizing Your Savings

Balancing Risk: Investments


. Session Seven

Making Sound Financial Decisions

Your Wealth Skills


Session Eight

Pulling it all together

Results Tour

What's Next

2 Day Workshop


Living Prosperity:  FINANCIAL WELLNESS
 Managing Today for the Life You Want while Building Your Legacy for Future Generations 

A New Relationship to Money 
Tools for Building Wealth
 A New Financial Reality!

Are You Ready for Financial Wellness?!

Financial Wellness has two components:

  1. Your financial reality (how much you earn, how you manage what you earn, your net worth)
  2. Your state of mind (your experience of life and self)

Financial wellness involves:

  • Earning income
  • Purposeful spending
  • Saving- regularly spending less than you earn
  • Optimizing Investments
  • Managing debt
  • Dreaming free of all constraints
  • Planning to fulfill your dreams
  • A healthy relationship to money and wealth

Financial wellness comes from having harmony between all aspects of your finances, having a healthy relationship to money, and healthy financial practices. It starts with recognizing what is right for you, finding your unique balance. A healthy relationship to money and self leads to taking the right actions to achieve the financial success and wellness you desire. 

  2 Day Workshop or 8 session Webinar

Discover a balance unique to you; learn healthy financial practices and alter your relationship to money, wealth and self.Harmonize all aspects of financial wellness so you experience ease, power and success with money.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Set goals consistent with your dreams and design a plan to bring your dreams into reality
  • Recognize your spending habits and learn to use credit wisely
  • Plan for emergencies
  • Make sound financial decisions and to build wealth over time, no matter the income level
  • Plan cash flows to have your desired experience of life today while building your financial future.
  • Alter your relationship to money and wealth, manage your state of mind and take powerful actions

Your Financial Wellness journey starts here!

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