Personal Empowerment Programs


Living Prosperity: 

This comprehensive program is specifically designed to support you along your journey, helping you reach the next level of success and fulfillment:  a consciously created balance of prosperity, health, and well-being in every area of life.   (More>>)

Individual PowerPlan Design Session:    
This single session is designed for the creation of an individual customized 90 Day Action Plan, and beginning your work with the Balanced Living Timeline.   (More>>)

Single Shot Coaching Call:

For those occasions when life offers you opportunity, when you want an objective, powerful listening for the fulfillment of your goals!   (Schedule it>>)

Coach On Call Program  
Includes monthly creation of your personal Action Plan and a coach on call during the month!   (


Personal  Coaching Package    
Includes monthly creation of your personal customized Action Plan, and ongoing design and implementation of your Balanced Living Timeline.   Weekly Coaching Calls manage what's working, not working, and could be added to ensure your success.     (More>>)


Entrepreneur:  Individual Business Coaching
The Focus is on your BUSINESS!  The Business Coaching Program includes monthly Action Plan  & Business Results Manager design sessions, as well as weekly coaching calls to ensure your success in reaching yourbusiness goals.  In addition, Individual Business coaching includes your personal Balanced Living Timeline, to ensure your personal life supports your professional life!       (More>>)


Couples Coaching
Bring the Magic to your relationship!
Empowered Enterprises Couples Coaching is based on your dreams - create your relationship in full loving powerful partnership.   Together, we'll identify the most important areas of your life, and create with you the future/goals towards which you are working.   We'll design potential paths to fulfill on the goals of each individual as well as the couple. We'll design Action Plans and a Balanced Living Timeline, creating a structure for growth, success and fulfillment in your relationship, and life.    (


Living in the WOW!  (personal)

Sustaining Success Program   (business)
After you have completed at least six month’s coaching, the Sustaining Success plan is designed for those clients who do not require the intensive coaching provided by our standard coaching packages!    (More>>)


The M-Power Network- Coaching Club     
 You Receive:
•    Weekly Coaching Gold messages packed with advice on how to accomplish your goals!!
•    Weekly Coaching Club PowerCalls
•    Monthly PowerPlan Tele-Workshops

Magnificent Journey Coaching
The Magnificent Journey Coaching package provides a structure of continuing support along your Journey to your Future Self, and to ensure you are taking the best actions to create your Future Self, NOW!!          (More>>)


Career Coaching

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