Empowered Enterprises offers a wide variety of ways for you to access our resources.  One of the most popular is our series of conference calls.  Choose the one (or more!) that suits you best today!  Connect with our community of people committed to reaching our goals, and fulfilling our dreams. It's your turn- join us!


Feel free to invite a guest to the call - someone who is ready to take action to reach the next level of success!!

First Monday of the month
7:30 PM  - 8:30 PM  (eastern) 

You're Invited! The Personal Branding Call is a great opportunity for you to practice introducing yourself, identify the services you offer and the resources that would have you reach the next level of success.  Join us for powerful personal and business coaching around what is working, not working, and could be added to your presentation of yourself and your business to have you reach your goals, and fulfill your dreams!   
 (there is no charge to participate on these calls) 

Empowered Enterprises’ founder Means Davis leads a exciting program on 

Living in the WOW!  

Bringing over twenty years experience in creating the WOW moments, the WOW results, the WOW life, Means brings it all to you in a program designed to be the catalyst for your success, focusing on what’s important to you.  Whether it’s your career, owning a business, running a business, relationships, family, health & vitality, socializing, community involvement, managing your time or creating life balance, this program promises results in Living in the WOW. 

Morning FOCUS Calls!                                                        Now Available in E-Book format!!!   ->>>

EMPOWERMENT!!  For four and half years every Monday Wednesday & Friday we created a powerful FOCUS for consciously, intentionally living life and producing extraordinary results!

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