Morning Empowerment Calls 2014 

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12/31/14   Celebrating Life - Consciously Creating Our Experience!     

12/29/14     Everything that Happens in Life as the Opportunity to Learn & Choose!   

12/24/14    Embracing the Miraculous; Fully ALIVE and Present!!   

12/12/14   NOW as the Access for it All!   

12/19/14     Being Called Forth by the Power & Freedom of it All      

12/17/14     Creating the Game from Here...A Life of Exhilaration!    

12/15/14    Results from Creativity!     

12/12/14    Powerfully Living Our Heart Song!    

12/10/14    Exploring from the Heart in Creative Contribution!!   

12/8/14    Creating Our Game of Contribution & Value!      

12/5/14     Focus For Extraordinary Results!       

12/3/14    Playing in Awesome!!       

12/1/14    Inspired Exploration of the Different Expressions Available NOW!    



11/26/14    Awake to Creating in the Moment: The Prayer of Life!      

11/24/14    Adding to the Music of Life!        

11/21/14    Added Value: 10 x the Dream!        

11/19/14    Aligned Action Fulfilling on our Heart's Vision!      

11/17/14    Excited About the Unfolding Vision!       

11/14/14    Creative Expressions of Our Heart's Vision     

11/12/14     Living Exuberance!!   

11/10/14    Expanding the Scope of Our Dreams!!        

11/7/14    Creating Empowering Stories!      

11/5/14     Living in Infinite Resources!!       

11-3-14   Choosing to Be Inspired!!       



10-31-14    Anything and Everything Available; Letting Our Commitment Shine!!   

10-29-14    Playing on the Larger Field,Using the Resulting Circumstances to Create What We Want!


10-27-14     Generating a Powerful Context that Creates the Life We Want!    

10-24-14    Awake to More/Better!!     

10-22-14    We Are Here-Create Now!!      

10-20-14    Creativity Unfolding,Fed by the Wellspring of Life!       

10-17-14   Greeting as Co-Creators!     

10-15-14  Appreciating the Gifts; Allowing the Universe to Express Through Us!!!      

10-13-14     The Universe Always Says YES!!          

10-10-14     Partnering to Create Through Intentional Conversation      

10-8-14      Authoring the Adventure of Our Life!        

10- 6-14      The Power of Creativity!                       

10- 3-14      Dancing in the Flow of Abundance!!      

10-1-14       Remembering We Are!                          




9-29-14      Holding Sacred Building the Foundation to Our Dreams!         

9-26-14    Adventure: Exploring the Conversations of Our World!!            

9-24-14      Being Awake: Consciously Creating Our World!      

9-22-14     Enjoying the Now While Creating the Future!    (no recording) 

9-19-14     Directing Our Energy to Fulfilling Our Dreams!    

9-17-14   Joyously Causing the Momentum!     

9-15-14     Fulfilling Joy!  

9-10-14   Living Beyond the Individual!!          

9-8-14     I'll Have All of That And More!!

9-5-14   What would you want when everything is possible?!! 

9-3-14  Powerfully Choosing Now!!



8-29-14   Awake to the Gift We Are!!     

8-27-14   Honoring Our Power: Waking Up to What We're Creating!      

8-25-14   Living in the WOW- Sharing in the Adventure!

8-22-14    Being a space where things can grow    

8-20-14   If We Think So!!      

8-18-14   Power to Win the Game!

8-15-14   Expressions of love trust peace and joy;  Bring it ON!     

8-13-14   Living in the Perfect Moment; Having What We Want!     

8-8-14     What We Create IS!      

8-6-14   Waking Up to the Game We're Playing!

8-4-14   Exciting and Wonderful Surprises: What We Want Shows Up!

8-1-14  Creative Vision, Dreams, and Passion Expressed!



7-30-14    Being the Divine Expression

7-28-14    Fun & the Exploration of Life!

7-25-14   Living Empowered…Aligning with the Perfection of the Universe!!

7-23-14    Fulfilling on the opportunity in the moment;  Value Added!

7-21-14   The Courage to BE! Letting the Actions Flow...       

7-18-14  Discovering LIFE! Fulfilling on our Core Commitments  

7-16-14  Expressions of the Natural Perfection!  

7-14-14   Power & Passion Expressed NOW!

7-11-14   Power in the Moment

7-9-14   Practicing What we Love!

7-7-14 Waking Up to having it All, Ready to Go!

7-5-14 Celebrating Our Freedom to Create!

7-2-14 Measuring the Rainbows (ctd)




6-30-14  Measuring the Rainbows!

6-27-14  Fulfillment of Our Intentions

6-25-14  Consciously Delivering on What Wants to Be Created!

6-23-14 6-20-14  Power & Passion Expressed

6-18-14 Being the Focal Point for Creativity

6-16-14   Wow Now!

6-13-14  In the Flow inside Abundance and Balance

  6-11-14   "Fabulousess" for Everyone!!

6-9-14  Exhilarated in the Deliciousness of Life!!

6-6-14  Relaxing in the Joy of Playing Full Out

6-4-14    Surprise!  Living Abundance

6-2-14  Creating Extraordinary Results through Integrity, Intentionality, and Impeccability



5-28-14   Fun & Effectiveness

5-21-18 Being & Attracting Love!

5-19-19  ( no call) 

5-16-14*Power to Choose!

 5-14-14 Experiencing Life - Playing in the Universe!

5-12-14   Celebrating the Open Door!

5-9-14  Celebrating the Divine Spark!

5-7-14   Freedom to Choose!

5-5-14  Ready to Play! Expressing Our Passion

5-2-14*Refining Our Actions to Have What We Want!




4-30-14*Living in the Flow of Abundant Resources!

4-28-18 *Excited About Today! Free to Play Full Out

4-25-18* Free to Play Full Out!

4-23-18*It Is What We Say!

4-21-18*Welcoming the Curve Balls as Access to Beyond What We Know

4-18-14*Awake to Miraculous Opportunities!

4-16-14* Welcoming the Abundance Integrated with Committed Action!


4-11-14 Swimming in Abundance!

4-9-14*Choice in the Play of Life!

4-7-14*Being Willing to Be Champions!

4-4-14 *Savoring the Experience!

4-2-14 *Oh WOW!




3-31-14 *Creating the Vision- Being in the Perfect Place at the Perfect Time!

3-28-14 *Honoring Our Creativity

  3-26-14 *Savoring the Unfolding: What Wants to Happen Now!

3-24-14 * Revealing Contribution, Growth & Acknowledgment!

3-19-14 *Life! Love! Joy! Celebration!

3-17-14 *Listening Greatness As God Has Us Be!

  3-14-14 *

3-12-14 * Everything in it's perfect time in the Divine Order - free to Create!

3-10-14 * A New Now! Being in the Creative Flow of Abundance

  3-7-14 *In the Flow of Contribution: More than We Expect!

3-5-14* Exploring Discovering, Fulfilling Our Commitment

3-3-14 * Co-Creation: Allowing Others to Join the Game We're Playing!


2-28-14 *Creating in the Flow of God's Love

2-26-14 *Awakening the Song Within!

  2-24-14 *Freedom to Soar!

  2-21-14 *Power and Passion in Play!

2-19-14 *Living in the Overtones!

2-17-14 *Being a YES in the Playground of Life!

  2-14-14 * Love & Empowerment

2-12-14 * Intentionally Enjoying the Journey!  

2-10-14 *Intentionally Creating a Delicious Life Now!

2-7-14*Powerfully Complete, Deliciously Creating = FUN!!


2-3-14 *What Can We Experience Today?


1-31-14 *Joyfully Fulfilling on What We Consciously Create!

1-29-14 *Wonderful Surprises; Commitment & Fulfillment Aligned

1-27-14 *Being Fulfilled by Being In Action Now!

1-24-14 *Intentional Journey of Our Lives & It's Perfect!

  1-22-14 *Journey: It's All Working Perfectly!

1-20-14 *Align With Peace, Fun and Wellbeing

1-17-14 * 

Empowerment Call  1-15-14 *Listening for the Champion Within!

Empowerment Call  1-13-14 *Unexpected Fun! Fulfilling Our Purpose

Empowerment Call  1-10-14 *YES!

Empowerment Call  1-8-14 * 

Empowerment Call  1-6-14 *Smooth Sailing!

Empowerment Call  1-3-14 *Creating Life As A Work of Art, Moment by Moment