Morning Focus Call Contexts: 

December, 2016
12/30/2016 Gratitude and Contribution: Expressing our Heart
12/28/2016 Bringing the Divine to Life, In Abundance!
12/26/2016 Expanded Games of Being in Partnership with the Divine 
12/23/2016 Walking in the Light of the Divine: Joy Expressed!!
12/21/2016 The Magic YES!!!!!!
12/19/2016 The Power of Love, Expressed!
12/16/2016 Consciously Chosen Expressions of Love!
12/14/2016 Celebrating Commitment, Community, & Contribution!!
12/12/2016 Aligned in the Expression of the Divine!
12/9/2016 Empowering Choices!!
12/7/2016 Powerful Choices Now; Broadening Horizons!!
12/5/2016 Spirit Speaking through the Heart
12/2/2016 The Joy & Abundance of Life!

November, 2016
11/30/2016 Now, I want!!!
11/28/2016 NOW!!
11/23/2016 Creative Conversations- Unfolding from the Heart
11/21/2016 Bringing Joy to the World Right Here Right Now!
11/18/2016 Choice in Our Commitment
11/16/2016 Living in Love; Choosing Life!!
11/14/2016 Being Alive! Moments of Celebration
11/11/2016 Freedom Expressed; Love & Gratitude
11/9/2016 Choosing Love; Celebrating Community 
11/7/2016 Expanding Circles of Commitment for Legacy
11/4/2016 Powerful Choices in Service of Commitment
11/2/2016 Gentle Loving Empowerment    

October, 2016
10/31/2016 Freedom Expressed; Empowering Conversations
10/28/2016 Trusting in the Design of the Divine!!
10/26/2016 Dancing Through Life; Expressions of Joy!!
10/19/2016 Full of Love; Amazing Grace!
10/16/2017 Expressions of Choice in the Now!
10/14/2016 Everyone Having fun! Exploring Life through Contribution
10/12/2016 Free to Grow and Expand!
10/10/2016 Choice: Honoring Commitment
10/7/2016 Freedom for the Heart to be Expressed. 
Living An Abundant Life!
10/5/2016 Catch the View! Honoring Commitment
10/3/2016 Clear Choices: Living the Miraculous!!

September, 2016
9/30/2016 Joy in life - Rainbows, Hot Chocolate & Dogs!
9/28/2016 Expanding Consciousness in the Joy of Love!!!
9/26/2016 Have Some Fun! Joy in Consciousness Arising!
9/23/2016 Present to Greatness; Owning Who We Are!!
9/21/2016 Community in Command Performance!!
9/19/2016 Free Hearts, Free Minds: Choosing Life!!
9/16/2016 The Amazing Gift
9/14/2016 Dreams Realized through Partnership! 
9/12/2016  Love Gratitude & Community Expressed
9/9/2016 Opportunity Arising in Community
9/7/2016 Moments of Clarity: The View from Now!
9/2/2016 Playing and Creating in Community!

August, 2016
8/31/2016 Embracing All of it:  Choose & Include!!
8/29/2016 Hearts Shining!
8/26/2016 Defining Life: Passion Expressed, Fulfilling Commitment in Community
8/24/2016 The Power to Love; Creating What Works!
8/22/2016 Vision! Community! Action!
8/19/2016 Having Fun Consciously Creating Life!!
8/17/2016 The Heart of Who We Are      
8/15/2016 Having Fun Making Money!
8/12/2016 Living Commitment!    
8/10/2016 Honor and Freedom!
8/8/2016 Awake to the "I love You" Miracles!! 
8/5/2016 The Creative WE!!
8/3/2016 Shift to the Gift!                       
8/1/2016 Expressions of the Gift; Choosing from our Higher Perspective

July, 2016
7/29/2016 The Gifts of the Universe; Everything Coming Together!
7/27/2016 Joyous Service; Trust in the Moment
7/25/2016 The Big Grin! From Possibilities to Reality
7/22/2016 Expressions of Love:  The Creative Power of a New Right Now
7/20/2016 Vision Expanding in Contribution
7/18/2016 The Magic of Contribution!
7/15/2016 Experiencing the Love!
7/13/2016 Fun in Fulfillment!
7/11/2016 Conscious Gratitude & Contribution
7/8/2016 Heart Connections: Champions meeting Champions
7/6/2016 Visions Connecting!
7/1/2016 Being Part of the Birth of a Legacy

June, 2016
6/29/2016 The Generating Game!! Playing in the Wonder of Our World
6/27/2016 Playing the Game of Commitment & Contribution!
6/24/2016 Now, What's Possible?!!
6/22/2016 Delighting in the Flow of the Journey!
6/20/2016 Bringing Reality to What We Want! 
6/17/2016 Choose to Create!
6/15/2016 The Seeking & Expression of Wisdom
6/13/2016 Offering a Conversation of Love & Commitment
6/10/2016 Celebrating the Game of Creation!
6/8/2016 Vision Rocks!
6/6/2016 The Wonder of Life: Playing In Connections
6/3/2016 Passion Expressed: Beyond the Known!
6/1/2016 Creativity: Vision into Reality 

May, 2016
5/30/2016 Contribution: Enriching Life
5/27/2016 Enriching Life:  the Perfect Opportunity Right Now
5/25/2016 The Wow of Creation 
5/23/2016 Joy in Love! 
5/20/2016 Let Us BE!! 
5/18/2016 We Are!
5/16/2016 In the Heart of Cooperation!
5/13/2016 Celebrating the Heart of Life!
5/11/2016 Windows of Opportunities
5/9/2016 Dancing To Rhythm of Our Heart
5/6/2016 Consciously Shifting Our Focus
5/4/2016 Celebrating the Game of NOW! 
5/2/2016 Creating What We Want, Now!!

April, 2016
4/29/2016 Waking Up to the Joy of Life!!
4/27/2016 Dancing in the Moment: The Joyful Heart of the Party!
4/25/2016 A Game Worthy of Life: Livelihood for Lifestyle
4/22/2016 Loving Life!
4/20/2016 Experiencing an Expansion of Perspectives!
4/18/2016 Fully Alive and Dancing in the Adventure!
4/15/2016 Being the Gift, Bringing Sunshine & Joy!
4/13/2016 Celebrating the Peace Within Us
4/11/2016 The Joy of Life Expressed Wherever We Are! 
4/8/2016 Awake to Service in the Win-Win 
4/6/2016 Consciousness Arising!
4/4/2016 Yes- And This Is How It Could Work!!
4/1/2016 Present to the Miracles Through Grace, Mercy, and Ease

MARCH, 2016
3/30/2016 Consciously Trusting & Allowing the Miraculous to Flow 
3/28/2016 Intentionally Expressing the Joy of the Soul
3/25/2016 Blazing Trails- Connecting in the Divine
3/23/2016 WITH!!
3/21/2016 The Un-Common Perspective Inside of the One
3/18/2016 In the Flow of Forgiveness
3/16/2016 Creating Now Newly: Ripples of Fulfillment
3/14/2016 Creating Reality!
3/11/2016 Conscious Impact!!
3/9/2016  Yes Now!
3/7/2016 Dancing in the Spark & Sizzle: Go Global!
3/4/2016 Consciously Choosing to Participate in the Gift!
3/2/2016 Playing in Connections - the Flow of the Gift!

2/29/2016 Expressions of Legacy!
2/26/2016 Embracing it All!
2/24/2016 Engaged in the Game
2/22/2016 Perfect Momentous Unfolding!
2/19/2016 The Source of Abundance  
2/17/2016 Creating Communities for the Now to Come!
2/15/2016 Showing Up: Exploration and Expansion!
2/12/2016 Ready to Play, NOW!
2/10/2016 Ready for the Gifts; the Miraculous Unleashed!
2/8/2016 Wow - Peace & Power from Now On!
2/5/2016 Igniting the Conversation
2/3/2016 Expanding & Fulfilling A New Game!
2/1/2016 Waking Up Now!!

1/29/2016 Dreams Arising & Fulfilled in Community!
1/27/2016 Something Powerful, Right Here, Right now!
1/25/2016 The WOW in the All of It
1/22/2016 Contribution, Empowerment & Fulfillment in Community
1/20/2016 Consciously, Intentionally Creating with Community
1/18/2016 Love Beauty & Expression - Taking it out into the World
1/15/2016 Expanding Dreams, Communities Fulfilled!
1/13/2016 Expanding How We're Known - Our Gift to Community
1/11/2016 New Next - Accelerating Our Commitment in Conversations! 
1/8/2016 Conscious Conversations for Empowerment!  
1/6/2016 Empowered in the Now!
1/4/2016 Square One: Creating from Here! 

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