Call Archives 2015
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12/30/15   Bringing everything we are to the party - in community with the World!   

12/28/15   Now, Wow!    

12/23/15   Joyful Connections!   

12/21/15   Expanding Our Expressions of Love!    

12/18/15   Playing the Extraordinary Game!     

12/16/15    Creative Connections!    

12/14/15    Inspiring All the Dreams!!      

12/11/15  Dancing in the Flow of the Divine!   

12/9/15  Creativity, Collaboration, and Commitment; The Universe is Our Team!   

12/7/15  Choose to Celebrate and Celebrating our Choice!!  

12/4/15  Welcome to Humanity Experiencing Through Us!     

12/2/15   Designing and Living the Dream!!   

11/30/15  Being the Dream in Community!    

11/27/15   The Game is On!! Choosing How We Play    

11/25/15   WE CREATE!!     

11/23/15    Freedom, Inspiration, and Commitment!     

11/20/15   Trusting in Community, Fulfilling Dreams!    

11//18/15   The Gift: Playing in What's Possible!    

11/6/15   Joy-full Lights of the One!    

11/13/15  The Infinite Dance of Community!  

11/11/15  Fun Creative Structures Producing Extraordinary Results!   
11/9/15   Community: Our World Empowered!  

11/6/15   Waking Up the World!  Dancing in the Legacy     

11/4/15  Community Powered Up! Dancing with All of It     

11/2/15   Beauty: Inspiration in the Moment!!  

10/30/15   Creating Together in Love!!    

10/28/15  Being A Yes: All of It for All of Us!!    

10/26/15   Joy Expressed: Maximize the Moment!   

10/23/15   Being Whole: Joy Fully Expressed!!  

10/21/15   Imagination Reality: Expressing Our Power through our Word  

10/19/15  Phenomenal Expressions of Life!  

10/16/15  Life by Design- Dancing in the Dream!     

10/14/15   Expanding the Dream: Expressions of Commitment!    

10/12/15   Our Gifts in Service to Life!   

10/9/15   Yes to the Vision- Making A Difference!   

10/7/15   New Horizons - Expressions of Service!   

10/5/15   Saying Yes to the Freedom to Create!  

10/2/15   Momentum!  Free to Be and Create!     

9/30/15  Eyes Light Up- Dancing in the Purpose of Our Lives!    

9/28/15   Boom! Creative Expressions!    

9/25/15  Bold & Daring: the Creative Path of Expansion!    

9/23/15  It's Really Happening! Let's Create!   

9/21/15   Fulfillment in Creating Newly!    

9/18/15   Perfect for the Unfolding of Our Journey!    

9/16/15  Celebrating Being!!  

9/14/15   Bringing a New Reality to Life!!    

9/11/15   Sharing Our Creativity with the World!    

9/9/15   Today: The Magnificent Opportunity to Choose!    

9/7/15   Pure & Joyful Expression!     

9/4/15  Celebrating the Wonder of It All!!    

9/2/15  Allowing Our Commitment to Unfold In Intentional Action 

8/31/15  Creative Solutions; A New Path & A New Place to Play!! 

8/28/15    Design it and Live it!!    

8/26/15   Awakening: Consciously Creating Our Game!   

8/24/15  Creating in the Flow of the Miraculous!   

8/21/15   Rise & Shine!!    

8/19/15  Expanding Partnerships- Letting Our Light Shine!   

8/17/15  Enjoying Creating in  the Freedom of Commitment  

8/14/15  Mutual Balanced Contribution    

8/12/15  Having It All, Being Source in the Unknown    

8/10/15   Making Our Entrance Into Life As Source!     

8/7/15  Being the Source of the Conversations of our Life!   

8/5/15   Designing Our Life From Ease to Fulfilling On Our Commitment   

8/3/15   Commitment Empowered!   


7/31/15  Infinite Spectrum!   

7/29/17  Boldly Showing Up In Our Commitment; Being Authentic To Ourselves And Others   
7/27/15  Living Our Truth, and Recognizing Others'    

7/24/15  One Big Party!!   

7/22/15   Aligning the New Game!   

7/20/15  Choosing Newly Now!    

7/17/15  Creating Joy in Relationships!   

7/15/15   From Here Now - Good to Go!    

7/13/15  A New Game, A New Story, A New Life!    

7/10/15   A Yes to It All - A New Now!!    

7/8/15   A New Future Now!!    

7/6/15  Reveling in Relationships!    

7/3/15  Magic Fun & Sparkle!  Exponentially Effective Being True to Our Expression    

1/15    More Better! A New Story    

6/29/15   Expanding the Focus of our YES!  

6/26/15  Expanding Our Game; Allowing Our Dreams to Find Us!   ( read highlights) 

6/24/15   Open Invitations to our Dreams    

6/22/15    Put the Fun in!   

6/19/15   Creative Bridges!    

6/17/15   Being Called to Expand!!    

6/15/15   Expressing Our Heart Song!    

6/12/15  Co-Creating Fulfillment; Bringing the Vision into Reality!    

6/10/15  All of the Above with Fun & Ease    

6/8/15   Dancing with the Divine Human Spirit    

6/5/15  Honoring the Games We're Playing    

6/3/15  Free to Choose in the New Now   

6/1/15  Fulfilling the Game!   

5/29/15  Playing in the Moment!    

5/27/15   Expanding the Game - Learning as We Grow!     

5/22/15   Living in the Awareness of Oneness    

5/20/15   Creating the Tapestry of Life!       

5/18/15    Being Who We Are- Miracles in Ease & Celebration!   

5/15/15    Rejoicing in Life- Value Added!!      

5/13/15   Moment By Moment Awakening In What We Want    

5/11/15   Love and Acknowledgment, Actively Creating     
5/8/15     Playing in the Ripples of Abundance!     

5/6/15   Being Love & Abundance!     

5/4/15   Expressions of the Richness of Life   

5/1/15   Allowing the Surprise; Adding & Appreciating the Value!       

4/29/15  Choosing Living Loving Abundance!    
4/27/15  Consciously Expressing Abundance    

4/24/15   Shift to the Gift- Playing with the Universe!     

4/22/15   Expanding The Game- Letting It Grow!      

4/20/15   Bringing/Expressing/Celebrating Uniqueness!   

4/17/15  Dreams Fulfilled - Exploring in the Unfolding!   

4/15/15   Sweet!!     

4/13/15   Creating What's Possible in Reality, Awake to the Why!    

4/10/15   Simple Balance      

4/8/15   Excited in Expanding Our Experiences!     

4/6/15    Expressions to Delight      

4/3/15  Well-being in Every Area of Life!  Passion Expressed  & Flavor-full Conversations          read highlights of the call        

4/1/15    Intentionally Playing, Choosing Our Conversations!     

3/30/15   Empowered to Engage!        

3/27/15    New Context, New Game!     
3/25/15   Choosing Our Catalyst!         

3/23/15     New Person, New Game!    

3/20/15     Freedom From, Freedom To!        
3/18/15   Consciously Creating Fulfillment!     

3/16/15    All of Our Life Contributes to Beauty & Joy      

3/13/15   Celebrating & Acknowledging, In Service of Our Purpose     

3/11/15   Oh, It's Easy!  Expertise with a Smile, Lighting the World    

3/9/15   Playful Effectiveness- Allowing Abundance In!          

3/6/15   Purity of Action in the Expression of Our Intention!    

3/4/15   Mastery in the Game of Fulfilling on Our Dreams!       

3/2/15    Happy Dance with the World- Love & Joy!    

2/27/15  Savoring the Flavors of Life!     

2/25/15  Living in Creative Games!       

2/23/15   Our Choice Our Life Our Impact!      

2/20/15    Abundance: Having Fun Choosing It All!      read the Highlights of the call

2/18/15   Ever Expanding Expressions of Life & Love           

2/16/15  Living a Creative Life through the Power of YES     

2/13/15    Choosing Our Life and Acting in the Unfolding!     

2/11/15   Permission to have it All - and Beyond!           

2/9/15    The Space of Miracles: Seeing that what we want is already here!      

6/15    How Fun! Boldly Contributing Our Unique Value!    

2/4/15   I Happened This!!    

2/2/15  Playing Full Out in Intentional Creation!     


1/30/15     Excited & Engaged in Living the Life We Want!      

1/28/15    Living Sacredness, Celebrating Our Contribution to the Mosaic of Life!      

1/26/15   Present to Contribution      

1/23/15      Creating Abundance From The Sacred     

1/21/15    Holding It Sacred          

1/19/15   Actions for What's Next in the Fulfillment of Our Purpose!   

1/16/15   Expanding Our Perspective!       

1/14/15   Playing from the Collective Gifts!    

1/12/15   Creation Founded on Our Gifts; Make Mine a Double!!    

1/9/15    All of the Above! Expanding Our Choices      

1/7/15    Consciously Causing the Ripples!          

1/5/15     Empowered in Our Experience!          

January 2, 2015
     Allowing the Gift(s) of Life to Unfold - the Expression & Fulfillment of Destiny!