An M-Power LIVE Event!!

 What would have you jump out of bed every morning ecstatic
because you have the privilege of doing it?

Powerful Careers: Designing & Living Fulfillment

is a 2-day intensive seminar workshop providing you with the opportunity and tools to create a future that calls you into action.

 We will create a career path that lights you up and a detailed action plan to fulfill your goals.

 We'll identify the results that need to be produced, the actions you can take to cause those results, and you'll leave with a custom designed career path of your dreams.

 That is what this seminar is about: living your dreams.  We will look at what those dreams are, and identify some possible paths to lead you there.

 We'll look not only at what you want to do, but how you can do it.

 During this powerful two day learning event we will explore:

  • Past Based vs Future Based Goal Setting
  • The PowerPlan: The Goals, the Results & the Actions to produce those results
  • The Love to Do Exercise: What do you love to do, and who benefits from that? A simple and effective basis for your Personal Branding and Marketing strategy.
  • Balanced Living Timelines: identify and manage the results you are out to produce in every area of life! How to Prioritize your actions; how to produce velocity and momentum in reaching your goals!
  • Utilizing the Resources of Your Communities
  • The three Is of Producing Extraordinary Results
  • Creating & Managing Teams for Success


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