Power of Awareness:  The Human/Spiritual Journey
Learn the simple but profound concepts of being a human being on a spiritual journey, and a spiritual being on a human journey.  Everyday practical tools and practices for bringing your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul in alignment.  Uncover the Magnificence within!

The Power of Awareness (POA) is designed to offer a roadmap that leads to increased self-awareness. Everything you have come to understand about yourself, and about the spiritual journey, will finally come together and make perfect sense! 

During this age of intensifying expansion in consciousness, as seekers of Truth we are experiencing shifts in perception that are leading us to question what we know. Through this exciting sense of curiosity, we are discovering ancient wisdom teachings that are inviting us into a journey within. The Power of Awareness Program is designed to offer all participants, regardless of cultural, religious or spiritual backgrounds, an in-depth overview of the process by which all humans became conditioned, programmed is you will, to forget our innate and natural connection with The One Source of All That Is.

 The Power of Awareness (POA) transcends all differing belief systems, because at its core, POA focuses on that which is naturally the same—equal—within all human beings. POA offers a simple to understand distillation of the Truth all seekers of wisdom desire to know.  Therefore, regardless of a participant’s level of spiritual awareness, the POA teachings will reveal themselves in exquisite perfection, meeting each participant exactly where they are.

The POA Program is intuitively formatted, as it invites each participant on a journey within, where information will lead to transformation and ultimately to the liberation of the magnificence that lies in waiting, within our core.  The Power of Awareness will gradually reveal the natural process through which we come to remember our innate alignment with Source, by offering a simple to understand, yet in-depth overview of the distinct differences between our humanity and our divinity: between our head and our heart, our ego and soul, simply put,  Love and fear!

 During the POA workshop you will become aware of:

  •   the infinite wisdom that lies dormant within you, 
  •   the profoundly different, and opposing belief systems, of your head (ego) and your heart (soul) 
  •   how and why you have come to believe what you believe, and
  •   how your ego uses limiting beliefs to sabotage your life, through habitually dis-empowering thoughts,
  •   your infinite source of creative energy,
  •   that your birthright is to experience never-ending love, joy and inner peace.


Not only is there nothing wrong with you, but through POA,  

you will actually become aware that who you truly are is magnificent!


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