Empowered Enterprises'
Marketing Affiliate Program!   


In our commitment to providing opportunities for people to be successful, we have developed a simple and effective way for YOU TO EARN!!!   Whether you are looking for a full time career in marketing, or a part time additional stream of revenue, Empowered Enterprises' MAP is the map to reaching your goals!  

Here's the opportunity for you to earn income as you help your friends, family members, business associates - everyone! -  reach their goals and realize their dreams.   Empowered Enterprises has put together a program where you earn by referring people to our coaching services and seminars - you get paid each time someone takes the first step towards realizing their dreams!   

We'll start you off with a powerful Plan of Action - what results need to be produced for you to have Money in the Bank?!!  And what actions can you take to produce those results?     There's even a timeline included - when you should take which actions, and what results you could expect.  

Then we add to Key to Success:  weekly coaching so that you Succeed!!  We'll look at what's working in your plan, what's not working, and what do we need to modify to have your success be Money in the Bank! 

You'll also have unlimited access to Empowered Enterprises' products, services, and tools - some for free, and everything at major discounts! 

Contact us today for more information, and to get started earning now!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

Sign up as an Marketing Affiliate

     Monthly : $29.99USD - monthly
     Annual (save 30%) : $250.00USD - yearly

 1) You'll receive your Marketing Affiliate Starter Kit, which includes your step by step Plan of Action - What results need to be produced for you to EARN!  and what actions you can take to cause those results.  Included are exercises and worksheets to create your success:   who to talk to, what to say, and how you earn!!   You'll have recommendations  for communicating the opportunity effectively, so that people see the benefit for themselves and sign up for Empowered Enterprises services- It's your business to refer business- it's that simple!   When someone you refer purchases any product or service from Empowered Enterprises, you get paid!

2) Review the Member Affiliate Marketing Plan of Action and the Money in the Bank Plan of Action;   Both give you straightforward, step by step instructions - We've answered the question, "What actions do I need to take to produce the result of Money in the Bank??"  A goldmine of information, this is the path to your success within the Marketing Affiliate Program.   

3) Join the MAP weekly coaching conference calls.  Coaching gold!!  Led by founder Means Davis, these calls focus concentrated coaching on what is working, what is not working, and what can be added to have YOU be successful.  Join the ranks of those who REACH THEIR GOALS, and REALIZE THEIR DREAMS!



Schedule Your PowerPlan Session
In your PowerPlan Career Design session, we will create your own personal strategic plan of action. We'll identify the results that need to be produced, as well as the specific actions you can take to make that happen.

Choose Your Individual Coaching Package
Through our customized one on one coaching, Empowered Enterprises partners with our clients to create opportunities and structures for people to be empowered, enabled, successful, and self expressed in their careers. Our coaches are highly trained in the design and development of career paths that fulfill our client's dreams.

Interested in becoming an Empowered Enterprises Coach? Sign up for the FAST TRACK TO SUCCESSFUL COACHING!