This twelve session teleseminar series is designed to have you living your dreams!

 Empowered Enterprises’

Series of Twelve Extraordinary Tele-seminars!

This is the WOW !!

 The POWERLIFE  Tele-seminar series is the link between where you are and having your dreams manifested.

 The series is designed to have you inspired and motivated - in action – producing results – and living conscious to the miraculous in your life.

We’ll Un-Cover

  • Your Passion,
  • Excellence,
  • Accomplishment,
  • Being Focused & Intentional,
  • Exceeding Expectations

We'll cover:
Empowered Enterprises' PowerPlan system
Effective Communication
Creating Teams
Scheduling/Time Management
Powerfully Presenting Yourself
How to utilize the techniques of The Secret!  The Law of Attraction, and Manifesting.

This series will have a Lasting impact on your focus on what's important to you - your dreams !

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