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ELC provides entrepreneurs with the resources necessary for them to bring their vision into reality.   ELC , green certified and focused, includes

  • •        an upscale wine bar for the social aspect of networking and client development,
  • •        a health conscious café,
  • •         a business center,
  • •        office space available on an as-needed basis,
  • •        conference and seminar space,
  • •        Cutting edge Seminars and Workshops,
  • •        the Business Development Resources Center, which includes access to Business Coaching and expert resources for every aspect of bringing a new business into reality.  


ELC will be positioned as the professional one-stop resource center for entrepreneurs.  The center will build on the commitment of green enterprises, focusing on the health and prosperity of our customers, community, and world. Coffee shops, executive suites, libraries, restaurants and bars, and Fed-Ex style outsourced offices provide a wide range of piecemeal resources for an entrepreneur or mobile professional.  ELC provides the entrepreneur who needs space to work a professional setting, with access to other entrepreneurs, networking, meeting space, healthy food and beverages, education and training, and most importantly access to experts in creating successful businesses. With all of the resources under one roof, there is a considerable savings for the entrepreneur, as well as providing a professional setting and quality of product and services that is unavailable in the marketplace today.  ELC will adhere to and promote environmentally sound practices, and support Green Entrepreneurs in bringing their visions to life. Empowered Living Centers bring together all of the elements necessary for an entrepreneur to bring the vision into reality as a successful business. 

Empowered Living Centers
Conscious Impact on Society

Entrepreneurs form a major cornerstone of the world’s economic system by creating new ideas for local and global commerce. Capitalism has propelled the United States and other nations to greatness; the problem now is that the American dream has been swallowed by a global game that has dramatically affected entrepreneurs’ ability to create viable solutions. ELC is a center that creates, supports, and sustains the 21century entrepreneur through this evolution. ELC creates and serves a community that develops and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit.  It provides visionaries with a structure for fulfillment and empowers them with the resources to create a sustainable future.

Building a community that sustains the community
•    The ELC is a community center that brings visionaries and community leaders together to eat work learn and socialize. By consolidating resources in one location, we allow entrepreneurs to work individually on their dream with access to the resources they need within a community of like-minded individuals, reducing frustration and stress while saving money and time. 
•    ELC's services and products are designed to support a work/life style that propels our clients on their journey to success – success that impacts community on all levels as there will be new jobs, new products and services, and an economic impact that is a catalyst for improved family and community relationships. 
•     By emphasizing community and shared resources, ELC inspires leadership that results in community development, non profit fundraising and support of local business entrepreneurs and neighbors. 

Creating and Sustaining the Socially Responsible Entrepreneur  

•    Social entrepreneurs counteract the poverty/crime stricken neighborhoods by creating businesses and opportunities in the community, restoring peace and prosperity to neighborhoods. The ELC will be a centralized resource supporting social entrepreneurs with products, services and programs specifically designed for their success in their communities. 
•    The ELC will have special programs and assistance for Green businesses;  VRC encourages and inspires entrepreneurs to create green products and services  by providing access to the resources and relationships required to thrive and sustain prosperity. 
•    ELC will work with collegiate entrepreneurs and other visionaries who are key in creating a sustainable future, nurturing their visions until they become realty.

Building a Leadership Society
•    By focusing entrepreneurial talent in community efforts, ELC stimulates the local leaders by providing access to global leaders; this will build a positive momentum for a world that supports it's neighborhoods. Successful entrepreneurship causes money to flow, causing prosperity in local communities.
•    ELC programs will lead leaders to create a sustainable future by bringing their visions into reality. 
•    Each center will be created with sustainable materials inspiring other businesses to build or use green products. 
•    The ELC is a community that will support self improvement and leadership skills for individuals, businesses and visionaries. Programs will encourage leaders to give back to their local communities, as well as expanding their reach into the larger world. 

ELC is created to be a balanced work/life style that inspires entrepreneurs to build, small business to grow, and  big business to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs to create a sustainable future for our world. This center will empower the people to build solutions that solve local as well as global problems.  The ELC is committed to building communities, leaders and solutions that unite the world in peace and prosperity. 

Click here to indicate your interest, and we will keep you informed as we progress to open doors!