Strategies for a Successful Business 

Professional Business Strategies Curriculum
12 Weeks, 24 Sessions

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Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning how to take your business to the next level of success from Empowered Enterprises' founder and CEO Means Davis.

Taking it to the Next Level!
Consisting of twice weekly, hour long sessions this series is designed for YOU if you are committed to building a professional business that is successful in fulfilling on your vision.  

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During the program, You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your business!
  • How to identify your Target market!
  • Where to find your clients!
  • How to Serve your clients!
  • Proven Success Tactics!
  • Proven Management Technologies!


By the end of the program, You’ll have:

  • Clients!
  • Hands-on development of your business, step by step!
  • A detailed plan of action for reaching your goals!
  • Resources designed for your specific niche!
  • The tools, and coaching, to have your business be successful!

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The Curriculum:

Session 1:        INTRODUCTION
Professionals: What we do
Company Operations overview
A 90 day Plan of action

Session 2:        MANAGEMENT
What Do you need to Manage?
*Client Information
            *Company Information
            *Conversation Records

Session 3         The Business!
How to set up your business
How much to charge
Contractual Agreements

Session 4         Managing Your Vision
Creating The Vision
Creating a Plan of Action                   
PowerPlan/Multi-Resulting System

Session 5: Serving Your Customers!
Calls/phone Practices training
Conversation Records

Session 6:        Review

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Session 7:        Action Plan
Create Your new Vision
90 day Action Plan Creation 

Session 8:        New Clients: Timelines/Process
Vision and Action Plan
Results Manager   

Session 9:        Marketing!
Identifying your Target market
Designing Your Presentation:  Branding

Session 10:      Marketing
Your Presentation

Session 11:   Marketing Calls/phone training
Conversation Manager

Session 12:      Review

***Week Seven - Eleven:
(Session 13 through 24)  Implementing Your Action Plan!
Partners:  Daily set up call: