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July, 2018

** 7 /13/18 Will Be Our Final Call 

See Events Schedule for what's next! 


Life Designed by Conscious Choice; 

Celebrating Excellence, Prosperity & Fulfillment

7/11/18Choosing Now!27698040
7/9/18Dancing in the Freedom to Create Inside of CommitmentNotes
7/6/18Consciously Living A Fulfilled Life Now28381731
7/2/18Having Fun Creating What We Want

June, 2018
6/29/18Consciously Living A Rich Life
6/27/18The Perfect Thing is Happening Now
6/25/18Life is Good! In the the Flow of Choices
6/22/18Consciously Expanding Empowering Perspectives 

6/20/18Effective Committed Communication for What Works
6/18/18Fulfilling on What's Important, Now
6/15/18Listening From Commitment - Now Forward!
6/13/18Celebrating Every Brick as the Cathedral
6/11/18A New Perspective, A New Life!
6/8/18Choosing in the Now - Dreams Into Reality
6/6/18Commitment, Contribution, & Community; Expanding Our World
6/4/18A New Perspective, A New World!
6/1/18Compassion & Generosity Right Now, Empowered By The Gap

May, 2018
5/30/18Serving The Greater Purpose
5/25/18Exploring & Expressing the Possibilities of Purpose
5/23/18Conscious Expressions of Purpose
5/21/18Dancing in the Larger Solution!
5/18/18Waking Up in Freedom
5/16/18Playing in the Unfolding, Growing Where We're Going
5/14/18Now Forward - Designing Life To Work!
5/11/18Excellence in the Game, Fun on the Journey!
5/9/18Commitment - Game On!!
5/7/18Everything Given by and For Commitment
5/4/18Consciously Created, Deliberately Done!
5/2/18Freedom to Choose A Way That Works!

April, 2018
4/30/18Play Now- Find Some Fun in This!!
4/27/18Stepping Into Our Power: Ripples in Communication & Community
What Serves Now in Fulfilling on Our Commitment

4/23/18Conscious Awakening to Creating the Game, Now! 
4/20/18A World of Difference: A New Adventure Every Time!
4/18/18Taking Care of Business - Organized for Integrity
4/16/18Growing in Grace
4/13/18Being Powerful- Refining the Game in Commitment
4/11/18Generating the Game - Let's Play!
4/9/18Playing in the Game of Mastery
4/6/18Listening for What Wants to Be Expressed, Stepping Into Our Calling
4/4/18Wake Up! Ripples in the World
4/2/18Creating Life! Sharing the Now

March, 2018
3/29/18Powerfully Authentic, The Real Me Gets to Play!! 
3/28/18Being Complete, Creating A New Life NOW!!
3/26/18The Power of Intention
3/23/18This Is It - Our Purpose Fulfilled!
3/21/18A 360 Degree Experience in the Now!
3/19/18Perfect Choice- Owning What We're Creating!
3/16/18Celebrating the Gift of Choice, Now!!! 

3/14/18Ever Evolving, A New Game Now!
3/12/18Engaging Commitment in the Now, Beyond the Now!
3/9/18Powerfully Choosing Commitment as Our Catalyst for Action!
3/7/18Overlapping Extraordinary Lives!!
3/5/18Trusting in the Perfection of the Moment
3/2/18Celebrating the Game of Games!

February, 2018
2/28/18In the Flow of the Divine!
2/23/18Sharing the Wealthy of Experiences!!
2/21/18Fulfillment - Bringing It All!! 
2/19/18Rise & Shine in Commitment
2/16/18Flowing in the Creative Now!!
2/14/18Wrapped in Love - Awakening to the Wow!!
2/12/18Celebrating the Now & Adding What Makes A Difference!
2/9/18Choosing Love in Service of Commitment!
2/7/18Power in Commitment - Life Fully Expressed!
2/5/18Adding to Life Through New Action - Just Do It!!
2/2/18The Miracles of Life Sourcing Legacy!

January, 2018
1/31/18Living What's Possible Now!!
1/29/18True Joy Expressed in the Flow of Everything Possible
1/26/18ARISING TO LIFE!!  Consciously, Intentionally, Accountable for our Impact 

1/24/18Contribution Flowing Freely!!
1/22/18Playing in Joyful Expressions of Commitment!
1/19/18Celebrating the Gift of Life - Basking in Abundance!!
1/17/18An Eternal View of Abundance!
1/15/17Ripples of Contribution in the Now!!
1/12/18Embracing the New Now through Commitment & Community 
1/10/18A New Game Now- Conscious & Intentional Living
1/8/18Playing A Game Worth Playing!!
1/5/18The Joy of Waking Up to Our Higher Purpose! 
1/3/18At Ease, Ready, Let's Play!!

Happy New Year!!

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