Morning Empowerment Call Highlights

(Notes from calls with no audio recording) 



Morning Focus Call Context: 

*The Perfect Thing is Happening Now *


Propelling Actions: 

 **Look at next iteration of the morning focus call;  time/day/format.
Learn from our challenges, and apply to creating what's next in fulfilling purpose.
Declare it perfect, and use it to create what is next in fulfilling our intention. 



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Highlights of Today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:  Life is Good! In the Flow of Choices

Propelling Actions: 

Acknowledge where Life is Good!
Consciously choose - what action will forward commitment.
Create momentum by sharing - commitment, actions, results produced.



Evolution time for the call!!!   Time to look at next iteration of the morning focus call;  time/day/format.

NS -   evenings great


Life is good - blessed, Grateful, things can be challenging and rewarding.

Pursuing dreams, bringing into reality.


Clarity in purpose -  when we are Clearer  on intention , universe aligns, circumstances begin to fall into place.   Experience of ease, even with challenge.


Challenging events inside of peace;

Serving on Purpose;


Privilege of speaking God/Source/ Universe's message;   speaking and actions that express.


Growing  & developing inside of our work, our purpose;  Day  to day activity inside of purpose;  our Actions expressing purpose;     challenges are the opportunity to strengthen, be in action growing ourselves, the tools required to fulfill on intention.


Evolving ;  Seeing the unfolding;   picture bigger than we can see.


What is  perfect unfolding;

The perfect thing is happening now; and now, and now.  FOR our growth,  for our development, maturity, expertise.  Tools in the toolbox. 

Now is fulfillment of purpose;


Not some if, when, then…Now is the fulfillment.  No waiting…


Alignment of his purpose, our purpose;  aligning actions to expression of purpose.


"your gift will make room for you"

Pause to Allow our dreams to catch us;


What will serve now,  the perfection  of the moment

In this moment what calls us forth; our context/commitment/intention/purpose.


Now what !!


Eyes not see, ears not heard - all those things in store for us;

Welcome to awesome abundance;


The fulfilment of  purpose -  the perfect experience now for our growth.

Inside of all -  all is well, it is perfect;


Conscious Actions vs reactions - if everything available , what action now to forward


Gratitude -   gives us energy  -   complaining takes away, costs us.   Paying for what we don't want.  Spending our energy for what not want, when what we  want  is already available, ready to be created/brought into reality;


Gaining the perfect experience  now;   making our purpose real.


Context: The Perfect Thing Is Happening Now



Morning Focus Call Context: 

*Life is Good! In the Flow of Choices *


Propelling Actions: 

Acknowledge where Life is Good!
Consciously choose - what action will forward commitment.
Create momentum by sharing - commitment, actions, results produced.



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Highlights of Today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:  Consciously Expanding Empowering Perspectives

Propelling Actions: 

Make a list of the miraculous experiences today/this week.
Take on seeing a bigger picture - expanding our perspective;  (Talk to someone about their perspective, what could match or expand ours)
Map out what life could look like from a different perspective - and choose!


KR - no work today - 

Sleep apnea Procedure done Friday -  like having sniffles  - checkup couple three weeks for whether worked;

Falling asleep situation -   weird couple weeks ago - driving,  stopped for driving too slow;   not aware of it, so scared that went to sleep;


Oldies party - changing locations - party last night to celebrate old , and transition to new locations; everybody came out…


Tulane Summer lyrics - 3 musicals every summer;

My Fair Lady yesterday

Knows all songs,  lyrics, - always loved musicals, theater, etc.


Wonderful weekend.


Zoe, 5 mo puppy doing so well;   puppy training this  coming weekend


Life is good!

Make choices and new choices available;


Flow of Choices:


Context:  Life is Good!  in the Flow of Choices. 

5/4/18   Morning Focus Call 

Morning Focus Call Context: 

* Consciously Created, Deliberately Done!*


Propelling Actions: 

Allow the dust to settle, and consciously choose next action to forward commitment;
Listen for the higher self - in both ourselves and others. .
Own it - being responsible for our choices - both conscious & unconscious;  



Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term
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Highlights of Today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:  Freedom to Choose A Way That Works!

Propelling Actions: 

Leave everything better than found it, and ready for the next person;
Create our environment to support commitment. .
Delight in the conversations showing up FOR us to choose our path, our next level. 


NS - first time being late for work -  acknowledge, not commitment, what can be counted on for…conversation from here forward;


Creating a conversation for empowerment - something positive - other the norm;


News -   stories- so negative, what's wrong, blame and retribution rather than creative. ;


NS - Pray grace and mercy - standing in Integrity;


Tempest in teacup;    Intention attention  - to make things happen

Sometimes need to just allow to settle


Living authentic life -

Now what we creating -

Back to the basics -


Being Grateful for all  that works, and not work;  and that gives us what to go to work on!


Listen for the higher self - the better person - opportunity to do things powerfully in commitment;


Wake up and enjoy - being Grateful


Resigned from second job - went in to honor commitment, even though not want, and ended up having great day.


Life of being accountable  -


Leaving it better than found it, ready for the next;


Self included, ripples out;   What we say committed to for others,  is really our heart asking for ourselves.


Have it, to be able to give it;


Choosing now - being a person of my word;


Recognizing  that choice, happening,   I did this - being responsible;  for choices - conscious  or unconscious;



Context:  Consciously Created  & Deliberately Done!! 



Morning Focus Call Context: 

* A World of Difference: A Brand New Adventure Every Time! *


Propelling Actions: 

Intentionally choose the direction and focus of our next step.
Listen them (and ourselves) a Yes;  powerful and free to choose what will work for them (us)  in moving forward. 
Love them through their noise, which is our noise;



Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term
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Highlights of Today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:  Taking Care of Business- Organizing For Integrity

Propelling Actions: 

Recognize and acknowledge that the conversation they bring, is a reflection or expression of our own conversation; 
Listen them (and ourselves) a Yes;  powerful and free to choose what will work for them (us)  in moving forward. 
Love them through their noise, which is our noise;



In last week been staying with son, while at her house  correcting wood floor - thought be simple task - single day, in house;   but have had to vacate the house,

Saw how structured was, how impacted everything .

Got the ILP - see how it is always "on the court"  and move from there - see what there is to clean up in integrity,

Looking into plan to get things done

3 days out of house, back tonight .


Upset the applecart - turn thigs around/upside down.  See newly what works and doesn't


An opportunity to choose;  how relate to what's so, and what action to take now.

The gift of the opportunity to choose, forward what committed to;


Health & wellbeing - from being in the construction was off ; Physical wellbeing - primary focus to be able to be the contribution we are committed to being.


Choosing the direction and focus of our next step;

Structure points inside for relaxation and being  taken care o f


Schedule time for relaxation and wellbeing;

Looking at what already in place, free to move/change/add - from "What serves now?"


Competitive nature - track star having to be first in race,

Journey here, seeing that everything getting upset, turned over - no longer straight dash to finish line -

Seeing all opportunities to shift from being the way have always been.

Expectations, looking help; seeing how not set up for that.


This too is part of the vision;  the contrast also serves.

Getting oriented to the game - what it's all about;  what works and doesn’t, and what intending to accomplish. 


KR - if used to leading in one situation, thinking "got this" - then realize each is different , generate newly every time.  It's A Brand New Adventure Every Time;


Constantly evolving, wonder-full experience;


KR - new Orleans Pelicans basketball have won the first three playoffs; two away, one home;

Then got my message about though not have to, go get blue tooth -  earphones, great, talked att , now working .


Infection;  Lab test results today or mon - still have cold -not


Combo intro to Comm and LForum;

Been relishing freedom - not like bad thing doing what was doing -

Week tax season over - vacation for her;


Last year at conference, registered for this year's  when thinking about it;  travel, time off work, airfare,


The pinnacle of the WOW;


Project - accomplishment partner

New project of Cheerleader doll - go engineering colleges, etc;  done 2 steps- the Ying Yang permission use song;  and charitable partnership with checkup or check out…

Going event tomorrow,

Foot in the water;

When go to conference , talk about it; listen for people that are in field or know people;


Community as resource;   when there, enthusiasm


Exploring the monetary, and other


Money conversation still in place

Cultural; so creating/generating something other than.


Expanding our capacity  to play inn our game;

Its already our game;


Not based on external, but on commitment

Components to arrange FOR something;


Conscious intentional action forwarding commitment


Back into forward into Now into empowerment;


Commitment in the world - for self,

Gap meant to be empowering;


Help - not mean cant do by self, not incompetent - but  what would make a difference;


World of difference being created/made;


What would make a difference for you/us;


Price is not an issue in the presence of value;

Major shift - went through gap, been

Money just a facilitator;

Entrenched in the money


Opportunity to Create; Taking  it out into the world


Context:  A World of Difference: A Brand New Adventure Every Time 


Morning Focus Call Context: 

* Being Complete, Creating A New Life NOW! *


Propelling Actions: 

Wake Up - You're Driving this Train!
Smile and wave as others pass through, staying focused on Commitment Fulfilled.
Communicate Expectations and Accountabilities clearly. 



Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term
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Highlights of Today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:   The Power of Intention

Propelling Actions: 

Declare the intention, prior to action
Choose an action in service of Commitment, now
Now what do we want to create?! 


LT:  New angel showed up today at gate -  dog that looked lost, but cared for - 

 put picture and notice out to neighborhood;   it got up in recliner, not used to someone/thing in her chair!!   Has pic of dog on New reality collage, perhaps this is preparation…


Text to contractor - from the shift taking place - in awaking ,  saw how  perpetuating  conversation;  now being  Clear on what Expectations are;   Accountability  &  commitments.

Showed up to work in the new space.


Creating new a story around everything;

And now we're creating a story, that it's a story not about the story;


Focused intentional fulfilling  on commitment;


It is what is

Solid foundation of what been created;

 it IS.   Nothing to change it;  NOW what do we want to create;


Talking family member - realize that not blame,

Space of honoring word, haven't broken through yet;   Accepting responsibility ;

Realize that she can give them a new Part,  give role to Be..


Conversation:  I choose my life, my path;  as others pass along their path,  Smile and wave and keep going on own path;


 Conversation from  sister - overheard  conversation  with her son/her nephew. - one sided;   called angry;


Poss:  Love beauty Self Expression,  healing


Wasn’t present in the moment for her - so apol for her experience, not the commitment, and declare commitment- create a foundation of Commitment for the remainder of the conversation from here forward. 


Integrity -  what works to bring Commitment present and real.

Ownership of the experience we are providing/creating in the moment.  Ownership of all of it - there is always something we could have done or said to alter the experience - own /responsibility/being cause/source.

Authentic expression of what wants to be expressed


With nephew - with his mother in the room,  Got to see his response with audience; how committed he was to not looking bad in front of his mother. 

transformation  in the moment - in the little bits, not always global huge.

Showing up as our commitment;


When upset/frustrated, irritated by others:  Where have I not  done the work  to be complete with that aspect of myself.  Not about them;


Creating an empowering context - Room to play and create in the Now.


We're creating our life;  now wake up and do it consciously, intentionally, from Commitment.


Choice - of how want to have life BE.

Being generous - to self and others;   recognize how they act, is how we acted;  they are showing up to give us the opportunity to see that, work on that, choose how we want to bring our commitment into reality now.


Choosing the story we live in


Human beings , truly just need love each - way are and way not, because a  journey


Enjoying  the journey ;

Actions aligned with commitment;


Being  Complete with the past generating a new life now;


ILP - confronting - showing how unconscious running around -  access to take being responsible in areas that had put on pause or neutralized;

Has her now waking up and being responsible;


Wake up to where have been asleep;

Please wake up - you're driving this train!!


Context:  Being Complete, Creating A New Life NOW!!


Morning Focus Call Context: 

 * Catalyst for Commitment*    

Propelling Actions: 

Engage in conversations FOR  our commitment
Listen for the commitment being expressed: What do we want to Create now?
Jump In!!


Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term.
Invite two people to join the next call!


Highlights :   

Context we created on the prior call:     Freedom Expressed; Love & Gratitude  

Propelling Actions: 

Engage in conversations FOR  our commitment
Listen for the core communication - the intention behind the actions.
Speak from the heart


[Prior 2/5/16]


J - Went small business expo -   by 10:30 saw that group doesn’t fit  the game any more - not her target market;


Distinguishing our target market, and acknowledging that it changes over time as we expand!

And how they could hear about ;  so turned into the opportunity for gathering resources;

Went to  session on how to use video for marketing; eye opening;


Action aligned with the future we're creating;  rather than anything occurring as a "waste of time" ;

Adding to community;

Everything 's a resource!

Identify as resources, then utilize them ;


J - Didn’t take no for an answer - talking to social media marketing - she write content - they kept saying no they create the content;   "bumped up" to exec level - " Oh, we could white brand that for you";  exactly  was looking for!!

And, solid possibility that she may become writer for them;

So saying no to something can become an income opportunity;


Shift to commitment, and there, everything serves;

Acknowledge the circumstances, the look to see how you can see to forward your commitment.


Sales funnel:  How do we get the Unknown masses to know about us, so move into Prospect category - and then, matching our products and services to their needs, so they move into the Hot list category, and thus to Customers and Clients.


Events - yes to those that are opportunity for our target market to get to know us.  Who am I going to be known by?!


K - working  and reporting what got accomplished;  really working for her;  yet, still something about getting excited about the work-  still finding herself goofing off. 

Recognize when off track, and bring back onto track.  Everything perfect - not wrong; just now, opportunity to choose actions -


Now I get to choose;

Accepting  what's  so, choose in the moment to forward our commitment;


And, adding reminders of our commitment/intention;  then, reminders fade into the background;  so change them, add new ones that will attract your attention, returning yourself to your intention.


Use as acknowledgement of moving to the next level rather than something wrong;


New practice , becomes habit ; Drops  into the automatic ;


Wow that was Fun!

How each and every action /activity is a contribution;


Intention behind / into  our commitment/ the game;

How many times we create the game then just hope something happens;  rather than be in intentional action to fulfill on the game.


K -Furthering knowledge technology - adding to the toolbox she can utilize to fulfill on the game.  And the game much bigger than originally - while at Conference, talking to international community;  Huge group of people to benefit;



K - Creating as a great season - Class  monthly - utilize technology - monthly check ins,

On monthly - ask what they want, then deliver that;

Sales - giving people what they want;  has made a big difference for her to shift her relationship to sales to providing people with what they want.


K - excited about Tues meeting and LW N.O. - training inviting and engaging in conversations, role play…getting  trained in helping people get what they want;


Action to have what we want!

Shifting into Commitment;


Shifting Gears:  The Spark for the Conversation!


Being open to the opportunities; willing to say - this is why I can do/be/request - moment by  moment;


Participating in community a happy thing - not separate from community

Being In community, and how do I want to play;

Was a myth that community was separate, she was separate.


Engaged in Community; how do we want to play, what do we want to create, what is our commitment/intention.


Getting our impact;  Getting the difference we make in community;

Responsibility and  contribution;   being responsible ( conscious source) or our contribution/intention.


How do we participate - responsible for our contribution .


3-2-1 ignition blast off!


 Sparking the Conversation….

Being the Catalyst -a consciously chosen catalyst;


Context: Catalyst for Commitment



Morning Focus Call Context: 

 * Freedom Expressed; Love & Gratitude *    

Propelling Actions: 

Engage in conversations FOR  our commitment
Listen for the core communication - the intention behind the actions.
Speak from the heart


Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term.
Invite two people to join the next call!


Highlights :   

Context we created on the prior call:    Let's Go! Arising into the Moment!

Propelling Actions:   

Look for the pattern of the Whole, and choose how we interact with it form Commitment. 
Label it Empowering!
Show up willing and ready to be in action, in community of commitment. 



L- - didn’t move as fast  as should [shift to "could" ] have in business opportunity;


Moment of judgement - instead of perfection of moment actions taken/not taken ;

Is there any action that want to take now to

Perfection of moment;   what did/didn’t do

Fulfillment of what we've been creating;

Creating new conversation;

Place of creating what we want, rather than judgment of the past; 


T - Bringing a solution; instead of judgement;

Leadership; l

Stay in the now-ness of it - than caught in negatively judging.

Moment of judgement vs Moment of creation;


When bring to dialog - others contribute and  benefit;


Our perception and interpretation;


Table brown -  our truth that brown -   if trained green, truth ;  labels;


Adding  all as part of the mix;


Allowing /wonder, curiosity;

Wide spectrum  choices and opportunities;

 stuck in knowing;


Should -  World of judgement, no opportunity;

Could:  world wonder and discovery;


Bring playing with it;  wonder;  choice and creativity


Can feel in abdomen -

Conversation in judgement of self;  gives an;  of acknowledgment


By holding onto judgements - prison; keeping

Released in Authenticity, free to create., express love and gratitude;


Expressions of Love & Gratitude;


L- fear of messing up - keeps in prison, no actions available, all fear based;


Acknowledge - led a powerful conversation ;


Creation of what could work in playing with the spectrum;


Learning from  the moment;  catch the judgement and replace with empowerment;


In the wonder - gives freedom;

Freedom Expressed ; Love & Gratitude;


The big ole "could";


Waking up to being World Leaders - each and every;


Playing full out - for that which is important to us;

Has the energy of creation;

Moving with the level love and compassion;


We are the ones in the driver's seat;

Its our life;  room for growth and development


Exhausting to keep trying to keep squelched the natural inherent joy of human being ; natural ebullience.


Personal Responsibility;

Individuals choosing

God Realized and Self Realized;

Choosing our Participation;

Divine connection with everything

Choosing love over panic;

Share the love in heart;


When our hearts speak, its eloquent;

A new view;


Trusting in the perfection of the divine plan, that we are taken care of and never abandoned; that we are safe.



Freedom Expressed ; Love & Gratitude; 


Morning Focus Call Context: 

 *Let's Go! Arising into the Moment!*

Propelling Actions:   

Look for the pattern of the Whole, and choose how we interact with it form Commitment. 
Label it Empowering!
Show up willing and ready to be in action, in community of commitment. 


Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term.
Invite two people to join the next call!


Highlights of today's call:   

Context we created on the prior call:    Consciousness of What Wants to Be Expressed!

Propelling Actions:   

Listen for what wants to be expressed: Commitment/Intention.
Actions as expressions of Creative intention
Tailor the questions we ask ourselves to provide the natural joyous self-expressions that will produce the results/circumstances to fulfill on what's possible.


NS -  awesome ;  Productive weekend - went to a self-defense training;  knowing what needs to know, so can effectively practice/participate.


Integral - having it all work together;


Waking up into  life!


Awake to it and the action taking- alignment;


Prepare, breathe - present what  wants to be expressed;

Breathing exercise;  aware effects on way experience;

A new way of living, breathing;


What wants to be expressed, and action aligned with that.


Cliché: Easier not to know;   then as we practice, Consciousness  becomes easier than unconsciousness, - uncomfortable to be unconscious - wakes up in the moment;


DD - conference - local hospital doing all screening - couple physicians were consulting with after screening - didn’t know any of them ;  talked to one see yoga , now contact, seemed open to alternative way treating people; 

Had hoped sit at multiple stations with physicians about what he's up to

Felt very self-conscious, self aware; how impacting people;

Did one thing - president of temple was there - usually comes Sundays, does prayer, and leaves - this time stayed - waited until he completed other conversations, then met; he  agreed to look at business plan;  and conversation segues into referrals of potential investors.

Take action, not wait;

The urgency -  from commitment;

Intentional Action Now


Choosing the conversations we  participate in

 Like glasses  on the table, fill with our energy/intention as pour into.

And pitcher never empty:  intentional energy  is not limited

Infinite energy of universe available.


Honoring our commitment in the world

Expanding our capacity for intentional results,


KR - what wants to be expressed   parents of  lady for Lforum; experts, leaders in conversations centers; having conversation with her about being in LF, they protecting, say she go online

Her generation comfortable with getting information online - letting her have opportunity to create for herself, see for herself, what possible.


Intentional stand for her:  She sees/creates poss for herself, furthered in life, dreams, aspirations

Todays the day - she gets to start her new life today


Starting a new life, today!


Transformation impacts  ALL of the facets  of life- we can only know a few facets, areas of overlap in our conversations.


The Whole Journey;

Get the concept of whole journey, know we only see a part of it.

Acceptance;  We are where we are, seeing what we see, and everything for what is next.

Active welcoming instead of resignation;

Springboard into Commitment;


Synchronicity - perfection of moment, of the interaction ; exactly what is wanted and needed to move forward.


Being the Focal point for our Commitment conversation; attracting those ready for the conversation.;


Beyond expectations/planned;   our choice how interpret.

Label it Empowering

Declaring the Value ;

Our Perceptions, Our interpretations - give us our experience of life;

Our Choice How to experience life;


Building awareness  of being part of integral Whole;

Waking Up into being part of integral whole;


LT:  Active participant in the life she's created;

Stand through powerfully  Arising into the moment;  being with moment by moment

Sharing consciousness, being ;


Consciously Arising!

Arising in what we've created ,  what we are designed to create in eternal  divine plan

Allowing it to happen, to unfold - not resistance;

Appreciation  for all the parts coming together to create the whole. 

Acceptance ;


I'm here, let's move!  We're here, let's move;

Let's Go!  Arising into the moment;


Took  intimacy; allowing others to see what creating  and  being responsible for what  we are creating -

Consciously interpreting What's showing up

Showing up for life! 

Backbone to share commitment;


Source of life;   be the Created being in the world.


Context:  Let' go! Arising into the Moment.


Morning Focus Call Context: 

 *Applied Resources, Consciously Creating Relationships*

Propelling Actions:   

Practice choosing a context based on what is  likely to give the opportunity to create;
Use comparison as a source of information about what want, what might produce it. 
Giggle and grin - this is the good stuff!


Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term.
Invite two people to join the next call!


Highlights of today's call:   

Context we created on the prior call:   Conscious Conversations of Commitment

Propelling Actions:   

Action Aligned with /forwarding commitment
Raise the bar! Raise minimum to provide a comfort zone.
Create reminders/community to  help us re-align to commitment.


DD - guess everyone dealing with the  disasters- or could view it as everyone dealing with the miracles happening.


see how we judge  how others lives are going - and comparing to self.

What has to be karma, I'm such a good guy and taken a lot of action in same years that they've taken actions but the circumstances that I produced aren't as desirable as I perceive theirs to be;


Comparison only valuable taken as information for what might work, seeing/creating what we want;

Not  a place of judgement, but a place of information.


Using  as  learning opportunity for conscious actions;


Like tying your shoelaces - learned to put lace over, lace over and wrap-   one way makes a bow, another way makes a knot.  Learning what results are produced by which actions, and then choosing our actions based on the result we want. 


DD - Full of nots…knots;

Circumstances;  results of what done not done;

Game starts now;  New game.


Relate to life;

7.5 Billion people  took actions - not know about them all now,  or even in a week, month, year;

But we pretend the world is the same as yesterday.


Creating A context that gives a life worth living

Gives new conversations to have, new people and new actions/results/circumstances.


New moment, new experiences;


Continuity of game; from past - can find whatever want to look for

We can find evidence of whatever we look for :  Look at the flow of having made a difference, or the flow of empowering people, or the flow of creating new businesses, or could look for the disempowering, how we were stopped, how we failed, how we hurt…


Interrupt  the disempowering patterns,

Add what we want -


DD - could look for/add: Monetize pattern


What is the context that gives the actions  that will be likely to produce the results we  want

Constant game to Create;


Scarcity conversations - limits;  Abundance/Empowering conversations- expand.


Time just a construct of man;   tool to make interreacting with each other easier;   humans made it up.


 for example -  we say the time of this call is 730am eastern, so everyone can join the call when others are here to interact - instead of saying the call starts when the sun is between two branches of the tree in my yard.   Much easier to coordinate!  Another place can see is on our clocks: time hours, daylight savings - arbitrarily change twice a year;


Emergency- circumstance driven reaction;

Vs Urgency : commitment driven Action.


Choose context based on what likely to give the opportunity to create;


SS -  cant really capture what time really is - like God - unknowable;

Use time to coordinate, rather than restrain;


Movement in the divine plan/game. 


Divine game - unknowable - 

For example, Sad when someone passes on/ is gone after only ten years, people  touch moved - consider that that was their purpose, that was what here for;  that was their role in the plan.

All in the divine game.  Unknowable,  we get to create how we relate to it.


Empowered in our  Relationship with our god, environment, our universe, with people, our circumstances

Giggle and a grin,  the good stuff,


Choosing if we want to interreact with their  game   or allow them to continue playing their game  without interruption;


Expressions of Happiness , of Commitment.    Our opinion of what should look like; 

Acceptance.   Their game, their expression.

Recognize and relate to it;


Consciously Creating Relationships!


Being aware:  we are creating what's possible;

Creating vision of what's possible for others to play in


KR - corp returns done yesterday -  disaster areas give until Jan to file, completed yesterday;

applying Resources to produce the results we want


Context:  Applied Resources; Consciously Creating Relationships.


​Morning Focus Call Context: 

 * More to Have! The Power of Choice*


Propelling Actions:   

Set goals for the "game" it gives you, the path.
Judge the past as "perfect"
Choose the action based on Likelihood of producing  the desired result
Oops  I forgot, and then replacing  disempowering with empowering conversation;



BONUS ACTION  Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term.
Invite two people to join the call next week!


Highlights of today's call:   

Context we created on the prior call:   Having What We Want Now, Listening for the Divine   

Propelling Actions:   

Set goals for the "game" it gives you, the path.
Judge the past as "perfect"
Choose the action based on Likelihood of producing  the desired result
Oops  I forgot, and then replacing  disempowering with empowering conversation;


One of benefits of call - getting to places want to get to at time committed to;


Bounce out the door into light/ into the day


Amazing tools available;



Caring for our wellbeing  - from generative /creative  instead of fixing problems

What want add to have life want;


What About Now!

Available in the now -   not one day someday future, not from past.


In Now

Do it now, schedule now,  or acknowledge not happening now;

Removes burden that thought should do it;


Shift focus from not doing to  what we ARE doing;

No movement in the nots;  stagnant.

Shifting to the Am - am doing, am creating.


Learning  from past, actions results produced.

Applying it;


Power to choose;


Say want to do it, but not gonna;

Likelihood of doing it, taking the actions.

Shift how relate to ourselves;


Action as expression;  Of being;   an outcome of it. 

Is it aligned with commitment,   gives experience of natural joyous  expression of something(commitment, context/intention. )

Or  is it an opportunity to build muscle

Resources needed to take action/produce result/reach goal.


We are the full self -expression of the divine spirit and allow to unfold from there


Instead of victim and scarcity

Active part of the outcome so have more control over outcomes


Spoke what wanted, action


Circumstances we have Results of actions taken / not taken;


Is what it is;

Acceptance, utilize past;

From here forward.

Relating to as powerful, not victim, with choices of actions based on results committed to. 


4 steps  cash in :

Give them your game/context/goal : I'm out to help 500 in Living Prosperity
Ask them what their game/goal is.
Ask them what resources are required to reach their goal
Ask What product or service could you provide that they would write a check for today


Being in communication: from commitment


Everything  from here forward;


Listening for divine spirit to express through us, actions natural joyous self-expression;


Freedom from stagnation;  



Steps in  process;


Declaration, line of demarcation - this has not been my commitment, this is now my commitment, and actions to forward that.


Alternative to self bashing /

self fulfilling prophecy  - if self fulfilling prophecy, choose the prophecy you want to fulfill!


Declare it "perfect " and now what do you want,

Living into the future we want

Utilizing our past to give   what likelihood  produce results


Each and every person , Unique perceptions, interpretations;


Option/access to all  of it

360 degrees of circle - check out one of the other 359 . 


Filled with opportunities to make choices with additional information from what results produced by actions in the past. 

Scarcity   vs Abundance.


Expectation - getting what we expect;

Not enough, shift to there's more to have;


Access to what's possible

Playing in Choice!!

Context:  More to have! The power of choice;

How can instead of why not;


Fear based - shift to what's possible


Context gives us menu of available Actions


Actions and expression:  Wow!



Morning Focus Call Context: 

 * Fulfilled! New Game! *


Propelling Actions:   

Recognize that Now is the fulfillment of the game/journey thus far.
Do it now, schedule it now or acknowledge it's not happening now;


BONUS ACTION Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term.
Invite two people to join the call next week!


Highlights of today's call:     ( no recording)

Context we created on the prior call:  Managing in Abundance!  

Propelling Actions:   

Powerfully (Consciously) choose what we are looking for evidence of
Use Calendar/Schedule to balance actions for opportunities;
Add three income generating actions daily: one immediate, one intermediate, and one long term.
 Honor truth - each and every living in our truth along the journey based on our experiences.


Invite two to call for next week


DD -   went to Fin planner dinner yesterday - interesting and disconcerting to hear what think people need to do when retire.

Didn't cover Scenario of forced retire and half to continue working somehow


Power of a new paradigm - do something differently to produce something new.


Practice;  so trained in other way, existing paths/infrastructures,

Living in new paradigm Requires Practice and support;


Fear based paradigms.  Fear: not get what need, not have what want;


Scarcity game  even if win, only wins scarcity - never abundance;


Build something rather than walking along someone else's path;


Living Prosperity - coaching program at Empowered Enterprises.

Shift from  paying for the past to funding the future;

Lifestyle choices rather than survival choices;


Relating to our actions as part of having what we want;  instead of fixing  a problem, and then getting started on what we want.


Action right now is part of the game;

 bottom rung of ladder is part of ladder - not only the top rung.


This destination, Now,  is the fulfillment of our journey so far;


In the moment choose how relate to it;

Comparing to past - judgment (should be some way compared to something we said before)  or analysis/education ( what works to produce results intended)


We're not done yet!!

Using of LT, IM, and ST goals - to give life want to live;


Use calendar to design  the life want to live - and actions to produce the results;


Dj - experiencing feedback on phone ;   headset , speaker feedback ;

Has new , just not set up yet.

Resources available, we just don’t interreact with them/use them in a way that gives us the life we want.


Do it now, schedule it now or acknowledge it's not happening now;

Precision in managing life


By when,  choice;  actually going to do it;


Taking car in to see what problems need to be fixed:

Shift to speaking/focus on Action for impeccably running  rather than problems to fixed

We find what we are looking for;

Shifting from a focus on the impediment/ barrier - to focus on commitment/intention;


Taking it to the next Level;

Always a next level we can to;  gives us a new game.

Gap is meant to be empowering; if not, create a new goal, a new game.


Living the context in the moment, not some future thing that’s gonna happen;

journey is the destination and destination is the journey;

Happy in the journey;

Creating on/in the journey

Design the game from now forward, using the information of what worked and didn’t work on fulfilling on intention;


Being fulfilled in the moment, taking it to the next level, and creating a new game.

Fulfilled, creating a new game;


Perfect past to have right here


Infinity minus one Nots as results -  rather learn what result is produced , not knots;

Using to point to what we

Notice where the nots are, and get present to what want and speak from there;


Fulfilled! New Game!




Morning Focus Call Context: 

 * Celebrating a Generated Future in the NOW! *

Propelling Actions: 

Growth through levels:

First, Wake Up to fact that we are playing a game
Next, track our effectiveness at playing the game: what results are being produced
Next, Create the game likely to produce the results we want.
When we See the results getting; celebrate the results, and create the next game based on what is likely to produce the results we want.. 
Game over, I won  new  game;



Highlights of today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:    Lighten up!!

Propelling Actions: 

Expressing our commitment, and learning from others expression of theirs.
Share to impact community, and grow/expand ourselves.
Speak to the human being, rather than the label attached.  



Dj - nearly perfect morning -

Question discussed a couple calls ago -  around we get to say whether we won or not,

How say we won, when not producing the intended results;

:   won the game we are playing -  if not producing the results, the game was off track;  either the action was not the right action to produce the result, or it was insufficient to produce the result.

:  tree in front/ back yard  :  action of planting the tree in the back yard doesn’t produce the result of tree in the front yard, though the action of planting a tree was the right action.   Learned how to plant a tree - now choose where - new game likely to produce the result we want.

Benefit  from  any and all action - learning, and being able  to consciously choose action likely to produce results;


So apply to reality -  business he wants to start;


Game of funding the business -  Said  100k game,  produced 10k, so was playing 10k game in reality and now learn  is what likely to produce the result. If want to raise $100k, and raised $10k, then ten percent effective.    Extrapolate to produce desired results, would need to be playing game for $1mm , at ten percent effective, to have $100k in the bank.


Knows how want to  do the business -to be enjoyable;   see other ways , not love to do. 

We get to choose  our experience of life - enjoy /not enjoy.  Can enjoy what not enjoyable from context of larger whole.


Generating  our experience of life

And adding team, communities, to enrich the experience and resources/views available.


Practice - moment by moment;

Not circumstance that creates how we feel;  we get to say;  our perceptions and interpretations of those perceptions give us the experience.


All made up   - even this conversation - made up from our perceptions/interpretation - an interpretation to empower us - reality of all is molecules moving, then we put our interpretation on that. 

Overarching purpose to have the experience of having the experience.


Very few playing at 100% effectiveness.

Michelangelo:   Greatest danger is not that we aim too high and miss but that we aim too low and reach it.


So growth through levels:

First, Wake Up to fact that we are playing a game

Next, track our effectiveness at playing the game: what results are being produced

Next, Create the game likely to produce the results we want.

When we See the results getting; celebrate the results, and create the next game based on what is likely to produce the results we want.. 

Game over, I won  new  game;


Time to Celebrate  Results!

Proud of results;

Human beings are always  producing  results, every moment of every day.  Denting the cushion sitting on, breathing in and out, or speaking to the UN, creating the next cure for disease

Consciously choosing - game and actions aligned with results we want;


All as Exploration;  exploring what's possible, and learning what actions cause what results.


New action or More action; paths from results.


In this moment what gives us  a life worth living - right now ;


LT -  in acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments - really forwards the next commitment to come in clearly - in what's next;


Funky robot - on automatic -  until we wake up and consciously choose;


 LT - experience with person, in the emotion of losing job - well liked and effective -  yet pieces of the story missing, not make sense;

Even though not make sense - something powerful beyond what see and she able to share -

Everything working out perfectly ;

Because of who she is, time to move to what's next;

Something powerfully new coming in ;

Realized what she was feeling/sensing - nothing to do with job - something personal in her life,  

Access to recognize what going on in the 360 degrees of life;


Celebrating  the what's next;


Consciously choosing our actions based on results

Community as our mirrors - so we can see numbness caused by disempowering conversation

Compassion and grace allow see something other than circumstances.



Shift:  Freedom from  vs Freedom to

The Generated future;

Owning the  created future and generating what we want:  that spells freedom;


Context so important - gives us how we relate to ourselves and the world.


Wanting , Having and consciously creating All of it


Celebrating Results!

Celebrating a Generated Future in the NOW. 


Friday, May 5, 2017

7:27 AM

Join the M-Power Network:

Empowered Enterprises' Coaching Club!!


Morning Focus Call Context: 

 *  Fun, Freedom, & Choice; Honoring Eqch Other! *

Propelling Actions: 

Look for opportunities to express/experience the joy of Service
Consciously choose our context and the actions to fulfill on/express that context.
Grateful for the experience, and consciously & choosing what's next.



Highlights of today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:   In the Flow of Love & Contribution!!

Propelling Actions: 

Look for opportunities to express/experience the joy of Service
Consciously choose our context and the actions to fulfill on/express that context.
Grateful for the experience, and consciously & choosing what's next.



LT - first   -  appts this morning - service car, health -  taking care of business.


In service - always present with commitment/intentional action.

Serving our purpose and allowing it to overflow into community;

Used to be Run so fast to survive -giving so much; too much;  now in the flow of service, present to abundance of giving and receiving - contribution.

Smart enough and Fast enough to catch up - leaving self out, or sacrificing.  Time to shift!


Everything  available - like on the internet -  can find whatever looking for.  And what we see, is what we asked to find.  Every thing.  Not just true, good, facts - but everything available;

Everything availability;

Evidence /support of anything;


Intentional Choice;  and being responsible for life;

Moment by moment Consiocusly choosing whowe  are, what up to, our  intention; the impact  we have;


Revved up and ready to move - ready to fly;


Waking up into what's so - into the story we consciously create;


Knowing a shift  is required to move forward, reach out to community to see how, what;


Progression of waking up; along the journey


Space of grace - did what did, didn’t do what didn't  do;  now what do we want to create.


Enjoy it in side being  inside of conscious;


KR -  Fun and Choice -  freedom from choosing another "by when".  We get to say how our life goes.

Done everything on the list said get done by today - just have left what didn’t say would get done by today; 

You choose what makes you happy and what want


Power of being in communication;  and choosing what works, now.


How life  set up to avoid what not want - not want;

And see -  can shift to what want;

From smallest thing  to  world peace…


Choosing in Communication, partnership;


Allowing the clouds to pass..


Precision - bringing the gift to the conversation;


Not from limiting , but  starting point creativity;


Idea for community intro on 16th - creative - walk into 2nd distr police station and talk someone see what can do have police officers invited;

Up to a world transformed - matching conversation with the police -

Transforming community;

Start the congo line for transforming the world;


Supporting their commitment;

Waking up


Expanding out commitment and support /skills to deliver that;  Old way of being:  Divorced> Get over it;  This too shall pass - if I don’t pass first;

Bringing laughter, humor - entertainment of being human.


Go into with commitment to create 

Arising from the conversations;

Something to commit to ; stepping into the space;


In the everyday;

One of the biggest gifts;


Honoring the path people are - journey


Context:  Fun Freedom  &  Choice; Honoring Each Other; 

April 28 2017 

Morning Focus Call Context:    *  Empowered in Our Created Gap*

Propelling Actions: 

Acknowledge the results produced, identify what worked & didn’t work, and create what could work to produce the results.
Create a goal worthy of giving your life to/using your life for.
Choose your catalyst for action:  empowering ( Creating what you want)  or disempowering ( avoiding what you don't want)


Highlights of today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:    Abundance: The Eternal Arising in Service

Propelling Actions: 

Trust that what is showing up is the perfect thing for us to focus on, work on, be in action around.  
Manage our impact: notice what triggers others - ask what their experience/expectation is.
Begin with Commitment.


DD - first one today!

Not sure what focus on - woke up hadn't slept well;


LT - life works exactly the way it works so we can look how to encompass all of it ;  And vs Or

Surrendering to moment - to be with and present in the moment; rather than allowing machinery to

Let life go by, of from  resignation rather than accepting, present to it, and causing something with it;


Come back home to herself;  to our power;   to what we are causing

Being the one that gets what we're causing

Choosing what we're causing;


Nothing wrong - owning each moment of life -   fill in the wholeness; of who we are - consciously


Recognizing it;  from within  - and collecting information from world to see what doing / being


What's so is that whole and complete -

View given from seeing the results produced by our actions - behavior -


Survival  and panic;  nothing available there - like swimmer.

Drawing it in - and recognizing impact;  stop flailing around and get view of what is  going on

Actions and communications to forward our commitment/intention.


Everything shifts;

Peace and ease and  power when in alignment  with commitment;

Impact committed to having;


KR - working buddy in program -   having what works from higher perspectives;

Different paths;

Acceptance, surrender, intention : Got it, now what  do we want;


Most miracles happen at place of no or not ready from someone else;


Our Knowing - limits what we see is possible.

Something better around the corner; 


Thwarted intention  - no such thing - declaration - judgment, opinion, comparison to what we said in the past.

Distinction;  words made up to access our intention.

Right back to:  what do we want now;


Unknowable - relate to universe within as well as without;  God within & without


Abundance clutter on desk - can see as overwhelming;   or being at Peace and rest and eternal;

Quiet; shift;

Exploring what's available;

Scarcity - that have to decide, and/or should already;


Most petrified about choices in life - courage to  Boldly say yes to what's next;


LB - Building life around happiness;


We are source - Nothing outside self makes happiness - becomes victim conversation

Ask instead What 's an expression of happiness here/now;


We are within everything, and within us is everything;


Deepak and Oprah forgiveness; - what am I choosing to think and feel this moment - empower self;


Anytime  we shift - present in the nowness - new pathways;

New view not limited

Giving Birth to new possibilities; Exploration of what's possible.


Fear based conversation:  If I don't, will get in trouble


Choosing the catalyst for our actions;  Gap between where we are, and what see as possible, can be empowering;  path to take, actions to take.


Practicing moment by moment - in aligned action

Choose what matters, what worth while;  what worthy of life.

Acknowledging what has been produced, accomplishments - Creates safe place to look what else want and can do to forward that.


We created the goal that gives us the Gap!


Empowering Gaps!!

Empowered in Our Created Gap

Hooked up with the eternal; 

April 12, 2017 

Morning Focus Call Context: 

 *  Uncovering the Beauty Within and Around! *

Propelling Actions: 

Create a  space of beauty, of inspiration, for the work to get done
Listen for what is important - for ourselves, and for others;
Practice now, and now, and now…. What could make a difference here and now.


Highlights of today's call: 


Context we created on the prior call:  

Present to the Divinity Around Us;   Dancing in the Oneness of Life!!

Propelling Actions: 

Create a commitment statement/declarations - short and sweet and easy to remember/true up to.
Acknowledge & Celebrate the Gifts being expressed through us and others.
Practice now, and now, and now….


KR - danced all night every night on the cruise = took advice to just be herself;

Dj's gave card:  Really appreciate being in ship wish could cruise with us forever - and box choc and champagne glass with "Cruising Diva "

Everybody wanted pics with the Pom-pom lady ;  Did dance on raised stage over Fat Tuesday bar;  Star international stage now!


Everyone wanted info - gave out card - collected their contact info too;

Ran into lady org helps women;  told about DDF,  said going to donate t-shirts to DDF;

Help trademark Taxtiplady and DDF;

Idea of coming to Houston, creating workshop help women and taxes;  realizing that a lot of what she knows - can create as something valuable for people;


Bringing closer to registration - are they ready now -  instead of looking for people come to introduction, go ahead and register;


" making people put name on the line and come up with cash; "

Transform that relationship to registration:   Action for Having what they want;


Listening to people having what matters to them;

Peace and freedom - they are giving the words for us to come back with, that are effective for them;


Freedom matters!   In the listening, see what matters to them;


KR- can see how they are motivated from their side, what's important to them;


Notice:  Doing it vs Having it;  Instead of relating to it as "doing " the course, have it be them "having " the course.   The benefits/value of the course rather than the action of taking the course.


Follow up-

LT - will follow up with them with the link for registration , and say want be there for the grad - when they register, send their choice of weekends so can she schedule to be there.


LT - celebrating new grandbaby - going up next week to PA to visit;  they moving to Fla - bio-med engineer, great offer, so relocating.


House coming along well - took personal responsibility went to city again yesterday -   went down, architect package has been delivered, in the review now -  By Monday should be released;


Speaking in person - opens Community at its best; 

Coming back and owning what up to, owning our life;  rather than being dependent on others, waiting and complaining.


KR -  Spiritual side - enthusiasm - God in you -  Helps know who she is with;

Everywhere went during cruise, surrounded by people,


Dancing through life;


Owning the impact we are;


Found connection to Ying Yang twins - contacted to invite to annual DDF parade , July 23rd, 4th Sat in July.  Looking connection for making movable dolls;


LT - Tonight final session Dcare -

getting self to excellence/perfection;




LT - Family reunion  context;  and t-shirts; "Uniting our gifts, Enriching and shaping our future"

Connections, resources; contribution.


See the family take on that kind of conversation - of resources, and supporting each and every -

Connecting through our Gifts;

Supporting each other and enriching and shaping the future through that;

Making a difference through connecting our gifts;


Hearing a shift in DD, speaking and focus. 

The gift of Participating in the awakening;


LT -  DivCare - going to do a communion  tonight;  Celebrating the resurrection;


KR -  When keep active, gives life; age not a conversation/issue;

Admired - and saw - not a "later on" phenomena - but a right now;  Live Now!

Dance, party, be with people - gives life to life;

Totally lifted up;

Awesome life;

Having great time and not stepping on anyone


Engaged in the life created.


May create cruise for DDF;    Saints group - partner with charities of the players -

Community Combined efforts;

Co sponsoring - learning how to manage a cruise,   another title, - Cruise director!


Already has business corp:  Sourceladyenterprises;


Got it going on!!


Conversation that grow into awesome possibilities;  realities;


Listening for what is important - and in action for it;


Using accrued leave - get taxes done and life in order;

What's important for peace in life;

By 5th of May -  for second weekend have organized and cleaned;


Taking a break - then energized;  caring for wellbeing includes the breaks.


You having what you want - to give them oppty for having what they want;


Beautiful Oasis;

Ultimate intimacy let them into home;

Jaime - when come to house will help ;  hesitant about inviting because mess;  clean it/clear it  up;


Clearing the natural beauty to flow;


Present to the all of you so can be provided to all;


Focus:   Beauty


Uncovering the beauty of all of it;

The Art  delivered to the world;


Organization gives freedom;

Uncovering the beauty within and around;


Clearing the space

Creating  the space for contribution


Peace  and ease  and fun and freedom;   in beauty;


Context:  Uncovering the Beauty Within and Around


March 1, 2017

Morning Focus Call Context: 

 * Arising in the Divine! *  

Propelling Actions: 

Ask how this circumstance, this conversation, this result, can be used to forward the commitment/intention. 
Listen for, and speak from, Service.



 Highlights of today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:   Conscious Service

Propelling Actions: 

Ask how this circumstance, this conversation, this result, can be used to forward the commitment/intention. 
Listen for, and speak from, Service.


CW - listened to call before, glad to be able join more often;


Context showed up - 


KR -  though in N Orleans, not usually do Mardis Gras ( yesterday); instead, used the day to be useful day, caught up on a lot;  kept adding  "one more thing"  she could get done; end of day    realized - conscious all day and serving;  powerful accomplishment.


When we are In that zone, the dance of productivity;


Present to the actions required to fulfill on our intention(s)

Mapping it out from here forward -now what do we want, and what is required to fulfill on that; ;  


Creative process;

Steps and processes to get through,  done


"upset" when not right away - impatience of human being

Sometimes get caught up in the actions,  and elate to as burden - forget we are the ones set it up, and can change  it!


Create what works in fulfilling on intention.

Set up for success;  ourselves and others.

What would support in fulfilling on our intention;  a constant looking, listening, and acting in alignment.


KR - last year used tracker for clients, work getting done; jus realized dropped it out this year, can add back in ;  Use calendar - acknowledge results, and map out what she's up to for the day;


We drift off intentional creation; create systems to remind us, keep on track.  Reminded of what supports in fulfilling on intention;


Teacher and preacher -

Inside of expression of the Divine;


Being called to express what wants to be expressed;

What are YOU bringing to our Game!!


LT - wow - tapping into something here!

So social yesterday - events - just be social,  opened being out in the world; a "God Send; "

Being more awake to being perfect in the world, and message arises in that;

Being with community, for community, and the conversations of empowerment.


The fulfillment of the game - 


Energy and conversations -  palpable in the space.  Inviting to come on in;


LT - seeing so much how that's who is he is, in Activator, Visionary; 


Conscious Catalyst - fulfilling on  commitment, intention, dreams!


We are always having an impact  - now we can be conscious of it; can Consicously choose what we want our impact to be.  Then align actions to that intention.


Already an integral part of community - we do not have to go out find it;, just choose our participation.  


Conscious and awake to making a difference - creates a new menu of actions available to us;


Natural joyous self expressions  = actions aligned with commitment.   Ease.

Relaxing in to the flow of commitment;

Making a difference

Directing our actions  to fulfill on our commitment/intention/dream

Clarity and Intentional, Vs Wandering generality


LT  -another benefit of being in community -In the listening of others  we can get piece of life that was out;

 the put things back where belong,  re - as child  parents entrepreneurial, left to care of others,  play-land;

We're taught one way, we perceive and interpret, we learn from our one perspective, and others bring theirs, so together we can expand and grow and develop

Different facets;


Commitment, conscious

Creative conscious commitment;

Dreams fulfilled;

Bringing the gifts, with momentum;


Conversations with ease;

Gifted people, gifted conversations;


Tangible, palpable -

Let's Go, The Divine is waiting on us -

Don't miss this train!


Growing & Developing -

Actively leading now -   those that we introduced to the work, now leading the work;

Delighted  with what we've created, and now what do we want - what's next


Conscious Arising of the gifts - unleashed for the world;


Conscious Arising!

Arising in the Divine -


100% is there, 360  degrees is there - whole complete and perfect.


Context:  Arising in the Divine!

Feb 22, 2017

Morning Focus Call Context:     *  Celebrating the Human Spirit*  

Propelling Actions: 

Ask how does this/can this serve commitment
Listen for commitment/intention; what wants to be expressed.
Allow ourselves and others to express;



 Highlights of today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:   Everything Aligned in the Divine Flow of Commitment

Propelling Actions: 

Raise the level of awareness of body, mind, spirit's calling
Start the conversation with the shared commitment.
Check in - actions aligned with Commitment.



NS -  lifted spirit -  when have to ask someone ,  and thinking they not want to play

Ask self what  God wants to express here… room for Him to play.


Expressed through us - divine spirit,

Each of us experiencing and expressing   - including the full spectrum;

Allowing God room to play in the game;


When we think we know something - Gods roll on the floor laughing. Can only see frii our perspective.


"already done"  the plan in place and being fulfilled.


Mind  in service to heart;

Access  to peace;

Peace in any circumstance;  by putting mind in service to heart;


Magnificent journey;  being in the journey itself,  experience of being human


Like standing on a plank - is the Board on water or on concrete - accepting what's so, the what' is, to give certainty; solidity   foundation to stand;


Shift  into divine spirit conversation - what purpose can be served;


KR -  excited !! Tomorrow first Landmark seminar online;  pioneer!  Asked and already being created/offered.   Access to intro to Forum online;


We CAN do it, so let's do it;

Keep asking for what we want - 

Being responsible  for the life we are creating , through what we're expressing;

Not hiding our light;  Letting it shine freely.


Pretending we are not connected, not empowered - liking writing that we can't  write; 


Empowered  vs Victim; always our choice how we relate to cicrumancesl l



LT - in the listening of self and others -  used to hear, now newly;  Poetry - and the divine  connection - put in calendar,

Being the spark, the catalyst;

As looked room - one of people from Gym, and new that sat beside;

Sharing how gorgeous;;   taking on being who we are in the world - how it begins to take into destinations need to be.  Movement without resistance - and land in perfect place;

New poss inside of poetry, and connection;

Childhood love poetry;   fabulous evening!

Health and wellbeing called; 

Stop it, and go after hearts desire;   whole new audience, community; Shared Dcare,  and lunching together; 


Taking on choice in matter of life;  accepting who being, and choice in the matter;  to perform, to bring forth that which has been placed in us

Choice in the matter!!



Peace in our heart, from our heart;


KR - re - Jennifer, relating to situation as she has a great life, with or without

Experience of Peace, power,


Re starting her business -  facing fear of abandon - all go away,  what would she have - nothing!  Good thing, space to create;  So worst case scenario is a great thing, too;

On the path of Forum Leader;  commitment to People!! 

So excited - get to make a difference;


LT - put in request at church to continue  announcements for Div Care;  

Sharing,  invited;  he coming and bringing a friend;

Ripples of making a difference;


Taking on life as commitment;

Beyond Survival; 

Aligning actions to  commitment ;  Present to who we are being


Dcare session tonight -  being welcome;   They feel a part of community,  eye contact , being with exercise;

Beyond the doing, present to what wants to be expressed inside of making a difference.


CDC seminar - created in the moment -  wrote the seminars, so can bring any of it to this session. What do you want?!

Preparation as foundation - but not an 'agenda" limitation;


Exploring - and knowing that we are already prepared, ready to use what we have learned/bring to table;


Listening for what wants to arise;

Thriving in the  that in environment;




Expressions  of Choice;  moving with the Divine;


Bringing the magic;


100th percent;  360 degrees - and then spherical


Human being to human being;

Building a conscious relationship


Allowing Human Being - all of the experiences, spectrum of emotional;


NS - had guy call want to be support in Dcare - want to do this- said like he felt like dying going through divorce, and now looking to see if help to someone else;

Being of many rather than one by self;


Building block towards synchronicity body mind spirt;

Pathway of divine, always community; 

Creating the foundation for belonging, in community;


Gifts to the World


Context:  Celebrating the Human Spirit;



Feb 19, 2016   

Morning Focus Call Context: 


 *   The Source of Abundance!  *


Propelling Actions:     

           Fill in the blank! 

"As the source of abundance, I can/will/am:   ___Action____

With the source of abundance, I can/will/am:   ___Action____

From the source of abundance, I can/will/am:   ___Action____


Highlights of today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:  Creating Communities for the Now to Come!! 

Propelling Actions:        

  Choose what you are writing: the subject, verb, object.   Is it empowering/forwarding your commitment/intention?!



 What opened up out of the context:



L - sense that she's waiting for Communities to come;      and inviting them to participate;

Present to who is around and making sure they get to play;


Invited  to the party !

Present to scope of the difference  we make;  the impact in community.

Consciously choosing our impact;


Choice - moment by moment;

Choosing to be still - to recognizing who's playing and what's the game


Recognizing - who brings the gift that will impact the game

Being/creating/participating in a Circle to Create;   spiral out into the world;

Each of us bringing our unique contribution


The quiet - a moment of stillness , listening for what wants to be expressed

Gives everyone the opportunity to check in, engagement,  back in to manage our results


Choosing who's (what thoughts, beliefs, converstion)  running  the show;

If we thinks so, so it is the truth for us. Change our minds, change our thoughts, change of focus/perspective - changes life.   From Conscious Choice.


KR - having issues getting work done; in the phase of "don't feel like doing it".


Love clients;

Pushing it forward, work. 

"I don't want to"


Moment by moment - in series of moments - that was the past moment, action takes us into the next moment;  new moment, ne opportunity to choose;


Give yourself a dividing line;  a moment  to choose to be  your commitment;

Infinite number of choices in the new moment.


Ego/Identity loves drama - the wail of "but I don't want to!  they're making me!  I have to!" M - when wants Drama : go the opera; several benefits:  drama delivered by professionals ( ultimate overplay!)  has comfortable seats, intermission to get a refreshment, and the curtain comes down so it stops and I can go home!


Playing in our commitment


As we  take on a new level, we naturally have breakdowns;  part of growth & development.

Can take on more - and the breakdowns/challenges become evidence  that moved to next level;


L - Time for K to have assistance… someone wanting to get into and learn the business, mutual benefits. 


LB - woke up feeling bad about self, fear based - fear of messing up; getting more practiced at choosing to love self;  allow good feelings and beautiful things accomplished;

Who really am instead of been persuaded to be;

Aware addictive old conversations, thoughts;

Interrupt the disempowering thoughts and replace them with empowering ones.

Benefit of having the Context of call - easy empowering thought to replace the disempowering ones with.


JC - Can Act our way into a new way of thinking, easier than thinking into a new way acting


Commitment running the show;

Commitment in Community;

Expressions of commitment;

Gift of community -  rather than alone

In our head/letting the mind run the show - like reading a book, same over and over expecting ending to be different;


L - called to share with community - ego/identity not who we are,  higher Self;

Listening for what calls us - what calls us into action, inspires us.

And it changes !!  Not the one answer, and that's it. Freedom to create.

Whole , abundant; expressions of what calls us


Thank you;

Expressing Gratitude in Choice


Choose who we're being in the moment - being a conduit for abundance


Being a conduit for abundance;

The flow of it

Beyond either/or


Choosing a conduit for Abundance;


Recognizing choice, source of abundance;


Source of abundance

Watch how significance creeps in, lofty aim, for word peace, prosperity, global unity.  Also in 

Giggles and grins - the source of Abundance;


The Source of abundance;

Play with being empowered;


As source of abundance, I will…

   choose, embrace, lead, giggle,

Infinite  variety of expressions/actions available


Context: the Source of Abundance




1/8/16     Morning Focus Call Context: 


 * Conscious Conversations for Empowerment*

Propelling Actions:

     Speaking  what we want to create and not what we're resisting     

     Listening!  Rather than assuming

     Respect and Self-confidence from being authentic;


Create Your 2016 Annual PowerPlan - Schedule Yours Today!!


Highlights of today's call: 

Context we created on the prior call:   Empowered in the Now!!      Propelling Actions:                

  Tools to use to shift our focus:

           Shift from Freedom FROM to Freedom TO

           Shift the questions we ask ourselves from Why Can't I to How could I

           Replace  Should with Could

           Replace Got to ( have to) with Get to


 What opened up out of the context:


JW - singing,  singing and more singing- practicing for The Voice audition tomorrow;

Learning the song, allowing it to settle into its expression.

In last year, said wanted to start singing again, open mic  - ultimate open mic is The Voice!


Something New -allowing ourselves to hear;


Coming off Automatic pilot and consciously creating.


All about the fun;

Creating the Dream;


JW - Creativity  flowing out into other areas as well;   Speaking Series wants to launch, someone provided facility to use.   Flowing into  client conversations, project actions and results.


In the Flow  with  and of  Ease


Joy of being aligned;   aligned with commitment/intention/purpose/creativity


Direct the Power;  guide,  no force, manipulation, struggle.

Actions with ease, not a  mountain to climb or carry;


Having it with Ease;

Abundance and prosperity - not selfish, but our creating - for myself and for all…

Ripples; creating ripples, causing ripples, being ripples….


Creating ripples of abundance  and prosperity


KR - looking at what really committed to;   look at goals; see if want them!

Think about, talk about, but not doing,


Map it out - then ask, is that the life I want to be living?   Actions taken in alignment woth intention/commitment,, are results that crete impact, forward the commitment;

Moves us  through the moment  to a new moment of choice;

Future starts now!


Ease -

The more awareness  we bring to how we are operating in life,  the  more power we have  to  consciously create;


KR -- asking people what about our community makes you  proud;  Lots of "like a family", nice to work with…

Doing it with heart;


Starting from empowering context, empowering foundation of the conversation, totally different conversations!


Discovery, rather than delivery.


Stage full of actors ( world)-  Ad lib

Start  an empowering conversation;  Choose the conversations that empower

Awake to the opportunities to create;  set the tone, create conversations, intentional conversations  for commitment;


Life Sparkles!

100% experiencing the joy.


Consciously chosen to empower;


Consciously choosing;  empowerment


Conscious Conversations for Empowerment;


LB - Speak what we want and not what we are resisting!

LT - Listening!  Lots of listening more than assumption

LB - respect and  self confidence, authentic;


Beginning middle end: empowering/conscious


This is what's so because we say so.


The focus of our life; consciously choosing


Context:  Conscious Conversations for Empowerment;







  6/25/15  Morning Focus Call Context: 


* Expanding the Game, Allowing Our Dreams to Find Us!*


Propelling Action(s): 

Radiate!   Radiate our intention,  attracting what  we want;

Meeting more people;  where are you being known ;

Asking what are their goals/ what they up to?!   Then match that up to what we want to be doing!


Living an Exponential Life!



Highlights of today's call:

[No recording of today's call;    listen to prior calls recordings]


Context we created on the prior call:  Open Invitations to Our Dreams


Add an opportunity- an opportunity Participate! 
Talk to people!! 
Identify the resources that become available


What opened up out of the context:


JS - found herself in a slump on Wed - was able get through it, shift perspective; 

Benefit  of the experience-  had time to look at what she wants to create for a job

Reconnecting with feelings clients have on a daily basis;


Being the Gift -


Now is perfect time and place to launch into what we want;

Catapults us forward into our life -


Conscious life from consciously launching - choosing the game we want to play, and who we want to play with.  Allowing the universe to provide the opportunities for us to grow in our great life, and setting ourselves up to play full out.


Connect and integrate;

One of the whole...


Present to journey -

Expanding and Integrating into  something new;


Setting ourselves up to meet people -  a new, different action to take.


Go out and interact with other people -

Playing the game of being known -


New playmates!

Setting  ourselves up for playing on larger field

Now where do we want to play?!

New game moment by moment;


Anything out of our mind  is just the past rearranged - something new comes from combination of people/conversations; 

New - connecting with people;

Step into the energetic field between where something new is created

Step into a new game


Game:  How many new people can I meet?!

Expanding in the world of opportunities available to us.

Attracting people, conversations, new games


Meeting / attracting the people we want in our life;

Connecting with the people we want in our life;

One conversation makes the difference -

Having the next conversation, and life alters..


Expanding the game, attracting  what we want;


Context:  Expanding the game, allowing our dreams to find us!

Radiate!   Radiate our intention,  attracting what  we want;

Meeting more people;  where are you being known ;

Asking what are their goals/ what they up to?!   Then match that up to what we want to be doing!


Living An exponential life!





4/3/15  Empowerment Call Context: 



 Wellbeing in Every Area of Life;

Passion Expressed & Flavor-full conversations

Propelling Action(s):

Ask  What do I want to create here?
Welcome experiences as the champagne bubbles of life, opportunity to experience, and or to learn and grow.
Acknowledge our part in the results occurring.


Highlights of today's call:


Wednesday's context: Intentionally Playing, Choosing Our Conversation

Propelling Action(s):

 Are we empowering ourselves, or disempowering, 
declaring valuable or not, 
supporting or stopping our expansion, growth and development;



Highlights of today's call:


Context powerfully showed up in business yesterday- experience of being able to shift the context, and thus the results produced.  Supplier kept changing requirements to get orders placed;   Experienced anxiety  and frustration- then shifted  to choosing being happy and empowered; made a couple calls from that space and found new supplier that will be able to provide what wanted in better time and cost.


Participate in or just talk about?


Source of causing something to happen- our intention shows up around us, where we put our attention.

Aligning our actions to our intention;


Has become aware fears etc affected health and wellbeing;   create declarations to give new context around wellbeing, health, vitality.

Be happy healthy, alive and vibrant life;   living a full life, including social aspects

Experiencing  and expressing our passion


Subconscious - file cabinet of judgements- we like or don't like.  Have the opportunity to see what we've "decided" and labeled each file (experience) in our subconscious, and choose now if we like/don't like - how we want to label it now.


Choosing Life - living it fully self-expressed.  Choose what we are sourcing for ourselves and around us.


Contrast -  the things that show up that we don't like, are an opportunity for us either to just experience the experience, or, to learn what led to that experience so we know how to have/not have that experience again.   Welcome the experience as the opportunity.


Powerfully choosing  empowering context or interpretation.  The Champagne bubbles.



Expressing Wellbeing


Has been said she is very Intense;  When we are passionate about something, focused and intentional, that can be other's experience.  When we are grounded in our intention, confident in who we are, we don't have to focus so much on ourselves- we can expand our focus to the experience we are providing others.  How we are impacting them, and the energy  of the room/conversation.


Grounded in ourselves, expand attention to managing our energy  to support the conversation, our commitment.

Powerfully related to the people around us; an integral part of the conversation, impacting by what we focus on.


Wellbeing in every area of life; what wants to be expressed.


Experiences = champagne bubbles of life

Opportunity to enjoy, to experience,  and have the learning experience; to expand and grow on our journey through life.


Welcome experiences!


We are the only ones can end a conversation - always something we can do or say to move things forward.


Synchronicity:  while speaking just now - saw two billboards - first said Freedom, second said what Legacy are you leaving;


What are we creating;

Making a difference  in the world - -wellbeing in every area


Non profit had received mini-grant - then walked in yesterday to find they also received nearly million dollar grant.

Acknowledge we are participating extraordinary results; happening around us includes us.  Acknowledging being an integral part of what's happening.  Integral part of the conversations, and the results of those conversations.   We have a part in what's happening.


Integral part of extraordinary results -  awake to the miraculous and our part in it.


Access to the conversations  of the world: the people we interact with.


We're doing just fine…. Look for evidence of where "I'm fine, and making a difference" 


Access to fulfilling on our dreams/goals/ intention / purpose;


What do I want to create here?

Being in action for what we want to create;


Consciously Choosing the conversation


Full self-expression and flavorful conversation;




Wellbeing in every area of life;  Full self-expression and flavorful conversations;

 Passion expressed

Context:  Wellbeing in every area of life; Passion Expressed & Flavor-full conversations


Ask  What do I want to create here?

Welcome experiences as the champagne bubbles of life, opportunity to experience, and or to learn and grow.

Acknowledge our part in the results occurring.


 2/20/15   Empowerment Call Context: 


** Abundance: Having Fun Choosing It All!  **

  Propelling Actions: 

   1.     Add Fun

2.Consciously choose what works in the moment




Highlights of the call:

Wednesday's Context: Ever Expanding Expressions of Life & Love!

 Propelling Actions: 

   1. Wake up & be present

1.Apply context to three small and three big actions

a.e.g. Making coffee, getting dresses, answering phone, walking dog, smiling at clerk at gas station;   

b.Bringing Balance to Life; Start a new Company/Client/Project/Service; Release an accountability to someone else to allow it to grow.

   3.  Talk to three people haven't talked to before/ or lately,  about project up to - Invite them  to play;




Love Laughter and Dreams Fulfilled;


MW - Love the summaries


Moment by moment, Creating our perception(s)

Start outs with what we want to express; what are we thinking.

Typically we think that our taking action in the larger game may not produce immediate results, - and we are all about immediate gratification!  We want to see the results.  And - we overlook the results we do produce.

Every Action produces a result.

Empowered by being in action rather than thinking the results are what makes us empowered.


Create greater results inside the larger context;  the bigger the game/context, the more and broader the actions available are, so the greater the results.


Stopped by the fear that we/our actions will not make difference , that it's going take a lot of time, lot  energy,  effort;
Inside an empowering context, the actions are a natural self-expression,  even" hard work" occurs as ease.

Allowing ourselves to be that natural expression, silencing the chatter.




JW: New client - ease with which brought team into rapport,

Easy to see who is stuck in perspective/ in the world of cant, will take too much time, too much required, can't… 

Gave them the opportunity to choose result they want,  and that gives the game to play.


When love to do - no work/play distinction - twelve hour day is twelve hours of what love to do.

We have just this one life , with all of the different expressions we are; 

Different hats - not different people, just different expressions of who we are.


Art & Music & Life;


JW - another new client - such ease in the conversation - give and take in the conversation when not agenda driven, open to and encompassing all of what we are up to


Scope of what we are up to gives us our life

Opens up avenues  of conversations for can - what can we do, what could we do, what do we want to do.


Present to the ripples we've already created. 

Friend - acknowledged diff made ten years ago;

The connections we've created -

Ripples  coming back to us as well as those we create now.


Shift:  conversations in our head in re-action rather than conversations with the person = action.

Allowing contribution;


Get practiced  in  "planting the red flags"  - what triggers us to go into a disempowering conversation/interpretation.

Gives us the opportunity to choose


Shift to empowering  conversation: the Opportunity to choose is an empowering conversation,

It could be that the disempowering conversation is actually a component of the empowering context; nothing "wrong" with a disempowering conversation - just a perception/interpretation.

Choice itself is  empowering

Disempowering conversations can actually bring value, as contrast to what we want, the opportunity to consider other perspectives, other "what If " scenarios.  But we don't want to stay there!


Power to choose our state of mind;

Freedom to choose;

Always our choice;  consciously choosing that which serves us and others.  Forwards our commitment/intention.

As opposed to being the victim of circumstance/ disempowering conversation


Actually  it is all only our perception and interpretation.


All are components that go to creating our interpretation;   choice


Choosing it All;

Abundance - choosing it all;

Add fun


Abundance: having Fun choosing it all;


Choosing what works in moment;




1/30/15- Today's Empowerment Call Context: 


**Excited and Engaged in Living the Life We Want!!**


Propelling Action(s): 

1.Write it down

2.Identify  and take  two actions to experience that.


Highlights of the Call:

Wed's context:   Living Sacredness, Celebrating Our Contribution to the Mosaic of Life!

Propelling Action(s):

1.Talk to three people about the contribution they are

2.Add something you love to do after each interaction!


Miracles -


Acknowledge for coaching on email communication - resulted in being referred for a position at major firm


Remarkable how present to the coaching she gives -  universe always sets up conversations to be able share what person needs to hear - for others, as well as self;


Aware of how powerful our conversations are when we are present.

And consider - we are that powerful, that impactful, even when we're not aware of it.

Even when asleep  at the wheel

We are the  one driving - even when asleep - not conscious of it;

When we observe it, notice it, wake up to it - it all becomes a tool; and the question becomes what to do with it


Take on newly , fresh view- as if it wasn’t recognizable;


From LW seminar - "Unrecognizable to related to" - no past attached to it

Seeing everything in every moment as fresh, new, for the first time


Our job when we create something we want to share with people, or offer people:  Give them something to be related to = past based conversation because ties to something they know.

So if have  a future  we want to create  we have to  bridge to where they are

Give something to relate to… build the bridge


Being present in new way, excited & engaged;


(good context: Excited and Engaged)


How do we engage ourselves and others;  give them the opportunity;

Let 'em know it's available


Promoting Features / benefits value;   Products can market features; services need to market benefits/value.  Check in-  are you selling what you do - or selling the benefit to them/results produced;   Their focus is always going to be first and foremost of the results you're offering.


Start where you are; and move toward the vision of what's possible

Living the life you want to live.


Choose what we create -  



Context: Excited and engaged in living the life we want!!

1.Write it down

2.Identify  and take  two actions to experience that.


Monthly Monday PowerCall on Monday!!

Inviting others to join 








Today's Empowerment Call Context: 




Action to Propel -

Pause before speaking/engaging;  take a moment before any interaction to get present to the sacred;  what is being created or wants to be created; 

Highlights from the Call: 

Monday's context:     Actions for what's next in the fulfillment of our Purpose;

Action to propel -      Relating & Speaking to everyone as the representative of our communities and them as the representatives of theirs;

 Everything is a pivot point; a turning point, point at which we get to choose.

 Saw how two parts of the context:  Actions for what's next,  and the then the fulfillment of our purpose;  multiple expressions of our purpose; lots of ways to forward our purpose. Choose one,  take the action, see what opens up.

 Fun to play  in the all of it - everything available, everything possible.

 Interesting to see how we have what want / need to create what we want, when we take action to forward - when we're focused, our actions are focused, on what we intend- the goal.

 Always be open other sources of information  - universe always provides new accesses;

 Our choices - Putting  ourselves where the information is likely to be what we are looking for to move forward.  Consciously choosing.

 Creating forward momentum;

 Expanding in momentum;  our exploration(s) create momentum- forward momentum - every direction is forward- always going where we are facing, so choose which direction (goal) we want to face.

 Choosing Our true north;

 Speaking  and listening  as a representative of our communities to the representative(s)  of their communities. 

 Bridging from where we are to where they are in the conversation ; people can only hear what they can relate to.   So if conversation was represented by ten steps, if they're on step three, they can't hear step 9 - there's no connection.

 Bridging journeys;  our journey, their journey - we can build a bridge between the two - or they can overlap, 

 We block the gifts available when we are agenda driven - might as well talk to the wall, since not looking for the other participants creative interaction.

 Dreams fulfilled; from when we step outside the normal agenda - into something new;

 So focused on the transactional context - I give something You take/get something.  As if was about physical objects.

 Integrate what we each/all bring to create something new.

Everything we bring is vital and important for what wants to be created;

 Power and joy and freedom;

Inside of exploring what wants to be created;

 What wants to be expressed

 The power of listening - creating the win win

Meshing together dreams and vision something new arises

 Something New Arises!

Being Open to the Adventure of Life;

Exploring what ELSE

 Something new becomes possible;

Build our bridges as the solid foundation- purpose or use can change but the structure/infrastructure still has value and provides benefit.


Creating a firm foundation for the future we intend;

 Exploring the adventure of life

 The giggle moments;

Acknowledging the experience, education, training and development and practices we have;

 Forwarding What's Possible - Forwarding Our vision -

 Sacred geometry:  all directions are valid, sacred.

Multi Dimensional  multi directional

 Being led by the Sacred;

Holding it sacred;

 CONTEXT:  Holding It Sacred;

Pause before speaking;  engaging; get present to the sacred;  being created or wants to be created;




1/23/15  - Today's Empowerment Call Context: 



 Creating Abundance From The Sacred

Action to Propel -

1.Asking people what is important to them

2.What is the Value they see

3.Talk to an additional ten people 


Wednesday's context:    HOLDING IT SACRED

Action to Propel -   Pause before speaking/engaging;  take a moment before any interaction to get present to the sacred;  what is being created or wants to be created;



How the context showed up - found self much more mindful of every action - went on webinar, and noticed how started to think  " oh yeah here comes the sales pitch" -  holding it sacred allowed the interrupting  that and recognizing that everything in it was sacred.

Perfect whole and complete and sacred - found it gave such an ease to the day. For example,  was rushing to complete  something before deadline, ( Means calls these "live" lines rather than deadlines, by the way!)  Got into communication with client, and  just said what want to deliver - impeccable work, rather than rushed, and they said of course.  committed to the Result wanted to produce


Deliciousness of  the context - recognizing the divinity, and sacredness, of everything.

Appreciation of the vast - everything is open and everything is possible;


What wants to happen next

Co-Creation - how do we want to dance on foundation of what we have already created


Being open - having fun - opens up all that's possible;


Welcome everything as a sacred message -  a gift, a path, an access, an opportunity to Co-Create.

Exploration  of what's available out  of this

Interact with and integrate;

Every action impacts the whole;  our lives, our communities, our world.

Defining and refining our actions to fulfill on what we see as possible;


Look at  finances as part of the sacredness - being in the flow of resources;

Occurs from Release rather than squeezing tighter.

Counter to mind's training  that we have to work first then get paid sometime later;

The money  is all around us and we have abundance of opportunities to interact with it;


Who would be paid in advance- Well paid successful consultants;

See that not consider self that. Story of "they" - not include us, separate from.   We are  stopping ourselves, and the natural flow.

Letting abundance flow


Forgive self  for all done and not done; and shift focus to what we are going to do to forward what we are committed to.

Focus- Choose what we want to fill our consciousness

"why not "  vs "Why"


Choosing the path we give our mind to follow;


Notice where we create the gap, the separation; we create " next week" rather than "today" 

What works for me AND what works for you - Co Creation;


Notice - keep having to give up that "I don't matter."

Choosing the conversations that run our lives - not like the conversation actually has power, we say it does or has, and so it does.  Choose another conversation to empower. 


Creating something scared, something a that wants to happen; fulfilling on what  wants to happen.


Recognizing  the conversations that have been running,  choosing an empowering conversation,


Creating Abundance from the Sacred;

Action:  Being mindful in the moment of what's possible;

Stopping the No, Starting the Yes;

Being related to people;

Listening for what matters to people;   

1.Asking what is important to them

2.What the Value they see

3.Talk to an additional ten people;