Monday Magic Series
WhenTimeTitle / Link to DescriptionTuitionRegister
1st Monday7pm - 8pm PowerCall: Introducing Your Brand FreeRSVP
 2nd Monday7pm -  8pmProsperity Strategies$95Register
3rd Mondays7pm - 8pm Pro-Claim It - Marketing Strategies$95Register
4th Mondays- Rotating: 
7pm - 9pm Effective Time Management$95Register for February 25th, 2019

7pm -  9pmPower Up Your Career$99Register for January 28, 2019
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The next Living Prosperity: Financial Wellnessprograms

(Series of 8 Live Webinars) 

(all times eastern) 

Feb 6thWednesdays3pm - 5pm Register
Mar 16thSaturdays10am - noonRegister


The next Living Prosperity: Generating Revenue Programs  

(Series of 8 Live Webinars)   

Jan 31stThursdays7pm - 9pm Register
Feb 15thFridays3pm - 5pm Register
Mar 4thMondays3pm - 5pm




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