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For those who want to self pace through the Living Prosperity Program,  both the Financial Wellness and Generating Revenue Series are available in written format. The E-book format Living Prosperity courses are step by step manuals complete with all the  information, tools, strategies and practice exercises delivered in the web-series; take your time, concentrating on those aspects most beneficial to you!

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When you have completed the Financial Wellness and Generating Revenue programs you have the components, tools, concepts and information to live a happy, balanced, prosperous life.  

But PROSPERITY occurs beyond the knowing of something.   Living Prosperity takes what you’ve learned and supports you in

Implementing & Integrating 

it into your life.   Living Prosperity is a year-long program delving deeper into each of the components of your Prosperity Strategy, and working with you to integrate them into your life. 

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12 month program
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Empowered Enterprises' Living Prosperity Program is the culmination of over twenty years of coaching experience.  The heart of Empowered Enterprises is our commitment to prosperity: people empowered and enabled to fulfill dreams.  We believe prosperity is accessible to each and every one of us.  Our programs are specifically designed to support you along your journey, helping you reach the next level of success and fulfillment:  a consciously created balance of prosperity, health, and well-being in every area of life. 

Happiness      Fulfillment    Contribution          Value       Creativity    Expression

Money     Earn         Profit              Wealth      Realize         Gain        Cashflow     
 Strategy     Balance    Optimize   Integrating    Implementing     Managing    Sustaining

Sustainable Prosperity

To manage our income, there has to be income to manage!
In this 8 session web-based coaching program, we’ll look at how to manage Generating Revenue – what are the areas of focus, systems and tools we can use to sustainably generate the revenue we want to fulfill on our vision of the future. 

We'll look at creating your Revenue Strategy, how to build relationships through effective communication,  how to price your services, and how to manage all of it inside of balanced living. 

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8 Weekly Web Sessions
$895 / $125 per Session 


The Foundation of Prosperity 

Taking on your Prosperity requires tools and information that most people don’t get in standard education.

In this 8 session coaching program, we will introduce the components that are required to live a healthy, prosperous life.

We’ll start with the components of developing your financial well-being – taking a look at how to optimally allocate your income for you to live your desired lifestyle now, while building for the future and the legacy you want to leave. 

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8 Weekly Web Sessions   
$895 / $125 per session  

BONUS: If you choose to participate in the web series within six months of purchasing the Self-Paced course, receive $100 off the cost of the Living Prosperity web program!