PowerCalls 2013




PowerCall 6-10-13       Enjoying Every Moment of the Journey!

PowerCall 6-03-13       FREE TO CREATE! 

PowerCall 5-13-13    Time For FUN!!
PowerCall 5-6-13      Waking Up and Being the Present!

PowerCall 4-29-13     Thank you Thank You Thank You!
PowerCall 4-22-13     The Perfect Manifestation of Life!
PowerCall 4-15-13     Winning the Game We're Playing!
PowerCall 4-8-13      Fun Playing the Game!   
PowerCall 4-1-13      Our Listening Attracts What We Desire!    

PowerCall 3-25-13    Listen.  Be Inspired.  It's All Our Choice!    
PowerCall 3-18-13    If you think so, you're right-  It's all made up anyway!    
PowerCall 3-11-13    Free & In Abundance!     
PowerCall 3-4-13    Hearing What Our Heart Wants!   

PowerCall 2-25-13   Acknowledging What Our Heart Wants!    
PowerCall 2-18-13   Fun Focusing on What We Want!    
PowerCall 2-11-13   Being Empowered in Our Passions!