Empowered Enterprises is proud to offer our services in a variety of formats to ensure that everyone can benefit from our Business Success Coaching and Personal Empowerment Programs!

We offer individual and organizational coaching,  seminars and workshops, and weekly tele-conference and web based programs. 

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PowerPlan Design Session

The First Step!! This single session is designed for the creation of a customized 90 Day Action Plan for your business, and beginning your work with the Business Results Manager.

Business Coaching Program

Includes monthly creation of a customized 90 Day Action Plan for your business, and ongoing work with  the Business Results Manager. We focus on the success of each area your business through weekly Coaching Calls and monthly PowerPlan Design Sessions.

Fast Track to Successful Business   

Are you ready to have your idea become a successful business?
Fast Track to Success  is a twelve week intensive training program designed to introduce you to the elements required for the design and development of your own successful business.

Sustaining Success Program
The Sustaining Success plan is designed for those clients who do not require the intensive coaching provided by our standard coaching packages.  The Sustaining Success Plan provides you with monthly PowerPlan Design Sessions and Business Results Manager Updates, as well as a coach on call for any unexpected problems/opportunites!

Organizational Coaching Program 

The Organizational Coaching Program provides business success coaching for the organization, including the organizational Action Plans, Business Results Manager,  and ongoing support in reaching the organizational goals.   Also included is personal success coaching for up to three individuals within the organization, which includes their personal  Action Plans, Balanced Living Timelines, and weekly coaching calls to ensure their success.


LIVE!   Join Us as Empowered Enterprises' founder Means Davis leads our M-Power Events!

Designing & Living Fulfillment Events 
Get your tickets today for the next M-Power Event!   These events are specifically designed for you to experience Means live - the energy, the creativity, and the commitment for you to live the life of your dreams. Wake up to what's available for you in a world of resources, tools, and programs to support you in reaching your goals, and bringing your vision into reality. 


M-Power Live Events!     
PowerLife Balanced Living
Balanced Living, Designing & Living Fulfillment is a two day powerhouse for creating balance in your life.  We explore the areas of life that are important to you, give you powerful time management tools, and  you'll see how you can manage all of life  
Financial Wellness 
Financial Wellness, Designing & Living Fulfillment is a two day powerhouse for creating your financial well-being, in a way that gives you the experience of life you want today while providing the structures for fulfilling on your goals for the future.    

The Human/Spiritual Journey
The Power of Awareness  is an extraordinary two day exploratory workshop designed for your awakening consciousness, filled with simple yet powerful tools and exercises for bringing alignment, freedom and ease into your day to day living, allowing for the fulfillment of your purpose.   

Powerful Careers 
Powerful Careers, Designing & Living Fulfillment is a two day powerhouse for creating your future. We'll go through the five steps to create your personal brand, and create a strategic action plan for moving your career to the next level of success.      

Global Access Programs
Bridging the GAP in Resources, Relationships, and Results
Empowered Enterprises offers online and in-person programs for personal empowerment and business success.  Utilizing the power of technology, our learning programs are globally accessible.  Timely topics, Guest Experts, and the culmination of the business and personal coaching provided through Empowered Enterprises years of service give these monthly learning programs a value you will appreciate for a lifetime.   

ANNUAL PowerPlan 
Bring your dreams!  In this two hour webinar we will create your year with the Empowered Enterprises PowerPlan system - the tool we us to ensure that our clients produce the results required to reach their goals, and bring their vision into reality. 

Mastering Communication
Learn how to communicate effectively with anyone, and everyone.   Learn to recognize the communication focus styles, and how to use them to powerfully deliver your message to build effective relationships in business, and life!

Building Teams 
Learn the cutting edge tools and techniques for creating and managing effective teams that have consistently produced success over and over again!

Building Relationships 
Building relationships, whether in your business or personal life, is one of the primary skills necessary for being effective in life.  Learn the ways a relationship can be created, and sustained, with clarity and confidence.

Personal Branding 
Who are you?  What do you bring to the table?  And what are your goals?  Learn how to create and effectively communicate your own personal brand.  How do you want to be known?

Business Branding 
How do you want people to relate to your business? How do you want your products and services to be known?  Learn a simple yet effective process for building your business brand, and effectively communicating it to the public. 

Financial Wellness 
Building Wealth.  Living a life of dreams fulfilled, with a solid financial foundation supporting you.  Learn the tools and concepts that you can use to manage what you have today to experience the life you want, while building  for your future.

Power of Awareness: The Human/Spiritual Journey
Learn the simple but profound concepts of a human being on a spiritual journey, and a spiritual being on a human journey.  Everyday practical tools and practices for bringing your Body, Mind, heart and Soul in alignment with your personal spiritual beliefs. 

Inspired Leadership 
Whether you are leading a group of friends or an international division of a company, there are certain techniques and practices that can improve your results exponentially.  We'll look at how inspired leadership can be the access to bringing your vision into reality.





Extraordinary Results

"You wake up something in me - the sacredness - and bring it alive; opens up something in my heart, the divinity in self, and that calls forth the most powerful, brilliant, miraculous me. "

Empowered Enterprises' Personal Coaching is a customized program designed to create a healthy happy, fulfilling life!!   We provide easy to use tools, practices and infrastructures  to support you in having BALANCE in  the mental, financial, social, relationship, family, educational, career, and spiritual aspects of your life.   Our highly trained professional coaches are available to support you in creating your life to be the way you want it to be, supporting you through the changes necessary to live a balanced, healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

We'll create your Balanced Living Timeline - the management tool we use to be sure you are on track, in action, and producing the results you want in every area of life which is important to you.

Reach your goals!  Well look at what your goals are, and identify specific ways to fulfill them. Well look not only at what you want to accomplish, but how you can accomplish it

We'll identify the results that need to be produced, as well as the specific actions you can take to make that happen. 

Get Started TODAY!  Reach your goals, and realize your dreams!