Specifically designed for those who are entering the job market,  whether you are a recent college graduate, or someone with experience that is looking for the next step in your career, Empowered Enterprises offers our tried and true JUMP START CAREER PROGRAM.

In this program we will work with you to:

  • Create your Resume: we'll be sure you have an effective presentation of your background, skills, education, and goals to present to prospective employers.
  • Design a career path based on your skills, qualifications, and most importantly, the future you want! We'll look at what your dream career would be, and create the path to achieving it.
  • Create your 90 day Action Plan we'll look at the results that have to be produced for you to reach your goals, identify actions you can take to produce those results, and put them in real time so you are clear what the next action is, and when to take it.  We'll include identifying your target employers, how you best to have potential employers hear about you, interviewing skills, presentation, and follow-up.

How it works:
First you meet with your career coach (either virtually or in person) to create your 90 day Action Plan.

Then, every week, you have a telephone consultation with your career coach about what is working, not working, and what could be added to have you reach your goals.

We are also “on-call” between PowerPlan sessions as needed.

THIS IS IT!! The Jump Start Career Program offers you access to the resources you need to begin REACHING YOUR GOALS, and REALIZING YOUR DREAMS!

Only $395 per month!