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"Each of us has a unique contribution to make to the world, and life becomes worth living when you align with your purpose. There is an expanding movement for people to contribute their authentic self expression for the benefit of the global community. Empowered Enterprises is a catalyst for all of us to consciously design our businesses and lives to create the world we want to live in, a world we can be proud to leave as a legacy for future generations." - Means Davis, Founder 

We are proud to have served and supported:
  • Thousands of individuals in defining their goals & moving to the next level of success in their careers, businesses, and life. 
  • Hundreds of businesses through start up, including design of organizational strategy, structures, workflows & systems. 
  • A wide variety of Charitable organizations and Social Entrepreneurs through start up and becoming functional in their focus.

Empowered Enterprises International, llc is a global enterprise providing educational programs for personal empowerment and organizational success.  Our Coaching and Seminar programs have people free to be fully self-expressed, contributing their unique gifts for the benefit of the global community. We are committed to people living life to the fullest, fulfilling their dreams, and creating a world of Peace, Wellbeing, and Joy for generations to come.

We envision a world where people are intimately related as a global community, with freedom and creativity rampant. Global cooperation provides access to unlimited benefits for humanity, and abundance is real in the lives of individuals and communities.  People thrive, grow, and develop by expressing themselves through service to the global community. We celebrate living in a world where it is ALL possible.

We delight in bringing our core values to serve the fulfillment of our vision:

Honor: The honor and privilege of participating in the fulfillment of people’s dreams, creating success and prosperity on a global basis.

Passion: The expression of joy in doing what we love to do, and being who we are meant to be.

Choice: The power of choosing who we are, moment by moment, which creates what we do as a natural self expression.

Integrity: Honoring our word, and who we are in the world. Ultimately, integrity provides access to contribution, and allows for freedom and self-expression.

Being Intentional: Direct action with a purpose, and fulfilling on that purpose.

Focused Consciousness: Awake to being an integral part of the world, and causing intended results.

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