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Jamaal Wesley 
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Living Enlivened!
Living Your Created Life Now!!!


We are that all people are empowered, loved, and limitless in creating a life they are fulfilled by and a life that empowers others.


Who: This program is designed for those who are open, willing, and ready to create and live powerfully into a personally designed future.


What:  1 year/5 year Future Creation - We'll assist you in creating an unimaginable 1 & 5 year future.  This process takes place over 7 days. 

  • On day 1, we will take approximately 2 hours to distinguish your purpose (one greater than yourself) in intentionally creating an amazing future to live. We will also take a look at 7 main areas of life and begin to create how you would like those 7 areas to unfold in the next 1 and 5 years.  You may also see and add additional areas that are important to you.
  • On days 2 through 7, you will dig deeper and expand your vision. On each day, you will submit your life plan for review and we will provide feedback helping you reach beyond your limits and seeing what is possible for yourself and your life

When: This program is held on Monday nights by webinar.
This program is designed to have individuals create the life they are empowered by, unrestrained by the past or current circumstances. After completing the 7 day program, one realizes that they have access to their newly created life NOW!!!


Where: This program is held on Monday nights by webinar. If you live in Atlanta, GA, there may be other day courses available. Sign up for the course and you'll receive full information on accessing the webinar. 


Investment: The program for designing a life beyond your wildest dreams is $249.99.   Click on the yes button below to register NOW!!

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