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2017: A Year of Empowerment

What an exciting year of transition, growth, and extraordinary results produced by our community of people on the journey to the next level of success!  

This year's extraordinary collection of the notes and recordings from our popular Morning Focus Calls!   Three times a week Empowered Enterprises' founder Means Davis leads a conversation for focusing on our goals, and experiencing the life we want to live.  In the free flow style of the conversations themselves, each day's Notes include the creation  of an empowering context for living, and the online audio recording.   

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December, 2017
                                        CONTEXT CREATED ON THE CALL: 

12/29/17              Let's Get It On! The Joy of Living NOW!

12/27/17              From I to We- Creating From Within!

12/25/17              No Call: Merry Christmas/Joyful Holiday Season!!

12/22/17              Celebrating: Game, Set, Match!!!

12/20/17              Showing Up, Making It Real, In Intentional Action!

12/18/17              Being a Yes! The Adventure of What's Possible

12/15/17              Infinite Opportunity to Create Right Now!

12/13/17              Being & Expressing Our Commitment in the World!

12/11/17              Fully Engaged, the Source of the Game

12/8/17                Abundance: Living on Purpose with Purpose!

12/6/17                NOW is the Perfect Opportunity for Fulfilling On Our Commitment!

12/4/17                Owning the Game, Honoring Contribution

12/1/17                Conversations Creating Value!!


                November, 2017

11/29/17              A New Game!!

11/27/17              Playing the Abundance Game Right Now!

11/24/17              No Call - Happy Thanksgiving!!

11/22/17              Choices in Abundance; Embracing Our Experiences!

11/20/17              A New Conversation- Let's Play!!

11/17/17              Play On!!

11/15/17              The Divine Merging

11/13/17              Joy in Playing in Commitment

11/101/17            Listening in Abundance!

11/8/17                Celebrating Value at the Level of Community!

11/6/17                Setting Up For Success- and Katie Too!!

11/3/17                In-Joy Taking Actions!

11/1/17                Choosing Our Focus; Ease in Expressing Commitment


                October, 2017

10/30/17              Empowering Conversations For Commitment

10/27/17              Choosing an Empowering Perspective;  Continuing the Process of Success

10/25/17              The Joy of Fulfilling on Commitment

10/23/17              Awakening to Love, Gratitude & Forgiveness

10/20/17              Celebrating Gratitude Now!!

10/18/17              Enjoying What We Have As We Create What We Want!

10/16/17              Lighting Up Life!!

10/13/17              Celebrate Life: Contribution & Empowerment

10/11/17              A New Game! Aligning Resources & Committed Communication

10/9/17                Dancing in Commitment

10/6/17                Empowering Perspectives: Fulfilled in our Choices!

10/4/17                Perfect- Start Now!!

10/2/17                Acknowledging What's So & Creating What We Want!

                                September, 2017

9/29/17                Catalyst for Commitment!

9/27/17                Freedom Expressed; Love & Gratitude!

9/25/17                Let's Go! Arising into the Moment

9/22/17                Consciousness of What Wants To Be Expressed!

9/20/17                Integral Success, Now!!

9/18/17                Playing in the Divine Unfolding

9/15/17                Applied Resources, Consciously Creating Relationships

9/13/17                Conscious Conversations of Commitment

9/11/17                New Context! New Game!! Now!!!

9/8/17                   Now is the Time For Our Next Adventure!

9/6/17                   Waking Up Into A Life Worth Living!

9/4/17                   The Universe Conspires for Our Success!!

9/1/17                   Joyful Expressions of Commitment: Let the Games Begin!!


                August, 2017

8/30/17                The Joy of Creating and Playing the Game We Want to Win

8/28/17                Joy & Fulfillment in the Commitment Game!

8/25/17                Contribution & Commitment Fulfilled!

8/23/17                The 4 C's: Conscious Conversations Creating Commitment

8/21/17                Extraordinary Results Empowered in Fun!

8/18/17                Being A Yes to What's Possible, Now!!

8/16/17                Consciously Choosing Now!

8/14/17                Bringing A New Dance, Every Step A Victory!!

8/11/17                Free to Breathe- Laugh!!

8/9/17                   Creativity Expressed!

8/7/17                   Living the Joy of Choice!!

8/4/17                   Celebrating Now! The Fulfillment of All of It

8/2/17                   Choice in Abundance; Having What We Want!!


                July, 2017

7/31/17                Expressions of Choice, Freedom & Fulfillment!

7/28/17                Divine Spark Expressed!

7/26/17                Celebrating Consciously Fulfilling Intentions!

7/24/17                Wow - All of It!!

7/21/17                More to Have! The Power of Choice

7/19/17                Having What We Want Now, Listening for the Divine

7/17/17                Next Step: Reality! Velocity in Intention

7/14/17                Fulfilled! New Game!!

7/12/17                Managing in Abundance

7/10/17                Creating & Living Opportunities!

7/7/17                   Dancing With Intentional Gifts!

7/5/17                   Consciously Embracing  A New Game

7/3/17                   No Call: Fourth of July Holiday

                June, 2017

6/30/17                In the Flow of the Created Future: Choose Now!

6/28/17                Dancing in the Reality We are Creating!

6/26/17                All of it In the Moment!

6/23/17                Released Into Grace

6/21/17                Legacy- Pass It On!!

6/19/17                Delivering on Our Commitment - And Having Fun Doing It!!

6/16/17                Fulfillment in our Commitment!

6/14/17                The Perfect Moment: Everything Coming Together!!

6/12/17                Joy & Ease: Alive in Our Choices!

6/9/17                   Fulfillment in the Moment....

6/7/17                   Expressions in the World!!

6/5/17                   Being a Yes to Choices: Enjoying Abundance!!

6/2/17                   Dancing Beyond the Considerations!

                May, 2017

5/31/17                The Divine Unfolding; Commitment Expressed!

5/29/17                No call: Memorial Day

5/16/17                Joy, Freedom, & Celebration!

5/24/17                Relaxing into Community & Commitment!

5/22/17                Community Expressed; Celebrating Joy & Freedom!

5/19/17                Play Today! Creating Consciously From Commitment

5/17/17                Celebrating a Generated Future, Now!

5/15/17                Lighten Up!!

5/12/17                We Won- It's a New Wow!!

5/10/17                Freely Choosing from Abundance!

5/8/17                   Celebrating Creating!!  Welcoming the Gifts;

                             Serving Commitment: True Joy!

5/5/17                   Fun Freedom & Choice: Honoring Each Other

5/3/17                   In the Flow of Love & Contribution

5/1/17                   Celebrating Moving Forward in Commitment!

                April, 2017

4/28/17                Empowered in Our Created Gap!

4/26/17                Abundance: The Eternal Arising in Service!

4/24/17                Growth & Expansion Through Choice!

4/21/17                Higher Self Expressed in the New Now!

4/19/17                Free & Powerful: Dancing Through Life!!

4/17/16                Awakening to Our Choice!

4/14/17                Starting Life NOW!!

4/12/17                Uncovering the Beauty Within & Around

4/10/17                Present to the Divinity  Around Us;  

4/7/17                   Consciously Creating a Context for Empowered Action

4/5/17                   Community Plays!

4/3/17                   Serving Commitment


                March, 2017

3/31/17                Joy in the Journey: Expanding Perspectives!

3/29/17                A New Now: Consciously Choosing Our Contribution!

3/27/17                Showing Up As Contribution!

3/24/17                This is What We Dream About!

3/22/17                Whatever We Choose!!

3/20/17                Passionate Creation from Commitment!

3/17/17                Being a Yes to Our Dreams!

3/15/17                Enjoying the Journey!

3/13/17                Practicing Mastery in the Moment!

3/10/17                Empowered: Boldness is Genius!

3/8/17                   Exploring Expressions of Commitment!!

3/6/17                   Commitment Expressed!

3/3/17                   Awakening to the Wow of Contribution!!

3/1/17                   Arising in the Divine  (link to notes)


                February, 2017

2/27/17                Conscious Service

2/24/17                The Next Level of Courage: Living in the Created Perspective! 

2/22/17                Celebrating the Human Spirit!

2/20/17                Everything Aligned in the Divine Flow of Commitment

2/17/16                Focus on Fulfillment, through Trust, Acknowledgment & Contribution!!

2/15/17                Oops, I Forgot!  Living a Great Life NOW!!

2/14/17                Happy Valentines Day!

2/13/17                Courage to Let Our Light Shine!

2/10/17                The Trust Factor: Divine Love Unfolding

2/8/17                   Supported in the Energy of Love & Well-being

2/6/16                   The Game is On!

2/3/17                   Peace, Joy, & Love Expressed Now!!

2/1/17                   Get off it!  Breathe and Live!!!

                January, 2017

1/30/17                Consciously Choosing: Destiny Enhanced!

1/27/17                Our Gift to the World: Conscious Commitment & Power!

1/25/17                Passion & Purpose Expressed in Commitment

1/23/17                Empowering Conversations: Peace, Wholeness, & Excitement!

1/20/17                Creative Commitment - Generating Love & Community

1/18/17                Conscious Choices in the Eternal Adventure

1/16/17                Free to Express Our Commitment!

1/13/17                Strengthening Commitment: Joy Expressed!

1/11/17                The Gift: Extraordinary Lives Overlapping!!

1/9/17                   The 100th Percent: Ourselves and Others

1/6/17                   Commitment Unfolding: Expressions of Love!!

1/4/17                   Free to Create in the Now!!

1/2/17                   Conversations of Love!Type your paragraph here.

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